Trump May Be Right On Aliens Voting

"Hillary Clinton garnered more than 800,000 votes from noncitizens on Nov. 8, an approximation far short of President Trump’s estimate of up to 5 million illegal voters but supportive of his charges of fraud.

Political scientist Jesse Richman of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, has worked with colleagues to produce groundbreaking research on noncitizen voting, and this week he posted a blog in response to Mr. Trump’s assertion.

Based on national polling by a consortium of universities, a report by Mr. Richman said 6.4 percent of the estimated 20 million adult noncitizens in the U.S. voted in November. He extrapolated that that percentage would have added 834,381 net votes for Mrs. Clinton, who received about 2.8 million more votes than Mr. Trump."

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A couple of other interpretations of the data gives even higher numbers.  More data is required to fully justify Trump's statement.  However, this is enough data to justify a larger sample at more selected precincts nationwide.



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I don't know if Trump is anywhere near correct in the numbers, I seriously doubt that he is, but I do believe there was a number of illegals that voted for Hillary.  

One thing that is being left out in this discussion is a speech or talk by Obama, while still President, where he did as much as encourage illegals to come to the polls and vote telling them, assuring them, that no one would be checking up on them if they did go to the polls so if that wasn't an invitation to vote illegally I don't know what is.  No one is saying anything about that though.   If though it had been Trump that made such a statement to a group of people that would favor voting for him or say Russian citizens then you would have MSNBC, NBC, CNN etc all over it and wouldn't let it drop.   Because it was Obama that made the statement and the group of people it was directed to would likely vote Democrat then nothing is said but that's more media hypocrisy than anything else.

mobumer handed out driver licenses to as many illegals as
he could, they pick up illegals by the thousands and most have
phony ID and licenses on them, very common. When the libs
start screaming Zero chance and for 50 years it's been common
knowledge it's time to stop. He didn't encourage millions of
south Americans to crash our border because he had jobs for
them or he was lonely, they know who to vote for when their
backs dry out.

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