Trump Set-up by Barack Obama Plant Justin Trudeau

“Canada’s foreign minister, Chrystia Freeland, said her country “does not conduct its diplomacy through ad hominem attacks.”

Don’t know what Freeland would call Trudeau’s ad hominem attack on Trump the minute his back was turned.

Interesting to note that by Sunday Trudeau was already mum and not taking questions about the perception that he had stabbed U.S. President Trump in the back:

“Trudeau, who had said at the news conference that Canada would retaliate for new U.S. tariffs, didn’t respond to questions about Trump when the prime minister arrived at a Quebec City hotel Sunday for meetings with other world leaders.  Freeland later told reporters that “we don’t think that’s a useful or productive way to do business.”(NY Times, June 11, 2018)

It should have surprised no one that Trudeau, who hosted G-7 2018, came to the summit as a Barack Obama-appointed activist.

The timing was right for the Canadian prime minister to join in on the Donald Trump free for all.

It was exactly one year ago that the former US President, now Leader of the Resistance and Canadian Prime Minister dined together after Mr Obama gave a talk organised by the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, during which he said the Paris climate accord still has a chance despite the “temporary absence of American leadership.” (Independent, June 7, 2017)

“Obviously I’m disappointed with the current American administration decision to put (sic) out of Paris,” Mr Obama said according to an ABC News report.

“We’re going to have to act with more urgency. I’m looking forward to the United States being a leader and not just on the sidelines going forward.”

There is no getting around the fact that Trudeau joined Obama’s Resistance Agenda on June 7, 2017:

“Mr Obama and Mr Trudeau met to discuss “their shared commitment to developing the next generation of leaders,” the Obama Foundation said in a tweet.  (Independent)

“How do we get young leaders to take action in their communities?” Mr Trudeau asked in a tweet.

“Thanks @BarackObama for your visit & insights tonight in my hometown.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau set a trap for President Donald Trump at the G-7 2018 Summit, hoping its fallout would advance the lib-left’s agenda to Impeach Trump.

The only hope of taking Liberal Trudeau off track from fulling his covert Obama agenda is that he lost the entire province of Ontario one day before the G-7 summit, when the Liberal Party of his close   friend Kathleen Wynne lost its official party status in an election that gave a 76-seat majority landslide election to Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative party still being celebrated here. 

The same conservative voters fed up with a Liberal Party that raised their hydro bills by 71% will get their chance to vote against Wynne’s friend Trudeau in 2019.

Anti-Trump Trudeau will be too busy trying to save his own hide to do Obama’s dirty work for him



The stupidity of liberals, ability to ignore their ignorance

and to Destroy what gives them freedom

Believe in something even if you should be shot for Treason


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