Trump spokesperson

Crash.Override posted:

so, in other words: "it don't matter, it's not hillary... trump can do anything he wants and we'll support him. as long as it ain't killary, we'll be glad to become just like the old soviet union. we're too stupid to see it. "

I'm saying, as I've said many times to oblivious, unconscious
and ignorant people you would be glad to live in today's
Germany. If you're liberal that's what you would have with
mobumer/hellery. Soooo yes, you are very freaking too stupid
to know what hit you. In condoning the way of life those two
were planning for this country you should forfeit your right to
vote for being too irresponsible with such an important
responsibility. I realize you can't see that side of it, so
just saying, I guess to myself..........

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