Trump Would Love to "See a Shutdown"

Trump's exact words 'I'd love to see a shutdown if we don't get this done.'...
Not only have Republicans turned on law enforcement, now they've turned on the military. The president is perfectly fine with not paying our military. Seems fair, after all he's known for not paying the people who worked for him.

Br’er Rabbit posted:

Trump's exact words 'I'd love to see a shutdown if we don't get this done.'...
Not only have Republicans turned on law enforcement, now they've turned on the military. The president is perfectly fine with not paying our military. Seems fair, after all he's known for not paying the people who worked for him.

Trump's calling the Democrat's bluff.  Demmies attempted to use the shutdown to get the DACA legislation passed.  When, people realized the Demmies were putting illegals over citizens, they folded like a cheap suit.  No, Republicans haven't turned on law enforcement.  Obama politicized and weaponized the FBI, just as he did the IRS against his opponents.  President Wilson, a progressive, racist Democrat, did much the same with the old Bureau of Investigations.  Trump needs to finish cleaning out the political appointees and moles left behind by Obama.  Most of the FBI agents are complaining about the previous administration's actions.  Previous deputy director McCabe ordered field agents to rewrite (falsify) 302 reports -- record of interviews and interrogations per the final draft report from the DoJ IG that's circulating around the FBI and DoJ, now.  The final report should be out in March/April. 

Br’er Rabbit posted:

Trump's exact words 'I'd love to see a shutdown if we don't get this done.'...
Not only have Republicans turned on law enforcement, now they've turned on the military. The president is perfectly fine with not paying our military. Seems fair, after all he's known for not paying the people who worked for him.

Said Br, who won't talk about mobumy destroying our military.
Maybe Br' knows where the illegal is hiding, no one can find him
and the idiot wife sure as hell ain't looking....

Ever since the 2016 election of Donald Trump, it has been the Democrats who have been total obstructionist.  They have block voted all as one with no independent thought and the motivation that they have had was the reliance upon, totally false and made up, information contained within what has now been come to be called the Trump Dossier.  

The activities of several top ranking, Justice Department, employees acting on behalf of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton's campaign, that are completely illegal completely overshadow Watergate's activities with no potential relationship other than both being politically motivated with respect to achieving giving a Presidential candidate an advantage.  Watergate involved a break-in and a coverup, at the Highest levels of Government, but in the case of the Obama Justice department you had felonies covered up and top Justice Department officials in the FBI and, most likely, the Attorney General's office rewrite the wording of an investigation so as to remove all language that would have required an indictment or potentially lead to charges against Hillary Clinton for felonious activities and potential violation of National Security laws.

You also have had wiretap warrants issued by Judges, on American Citizens and members of the Trump Campaign,  based upon top Justice Department employees assertion and guarantee that documents justifying the wiretap were legitimate all the while they knew the documents were not only false but financed by Democrat political interest.  A false hit piece was actually used and was the primary basis for obtaining the wiretap that including wiretapping of Trump Campaign officials and employees and offices at Trump Tower.  Watergate does not come near approaching the illegal and non-constitutional abuse of powers.  Not only was Obama's Internal Revenue Service corrupted and politically weaponized against Obama's Democratic political enemies but top officials, or the highest officials, of the Obama Justice Department, were compromised and committed illegal acts and deeds all with the purpose of either defeating Donald Trump in the 2016 political campaign for President or if he won, which he did, providing a political insurance policy to use for potential removal, impeachment, of a legitimately elected President the latter of which is borderline, if not totally, treasonous activities.  

Now yet another offense, borderline treasonous, is the Mainstream Media's total abandon of Journalistic practices and ethical behavior (if they ever had any), in not only supporting and reporting on the known false dossier that was purchased and the fraudulent information contained within as if it was legitimate and valid researched information.  Additionally, they failed to investigate ties the dossier had to the Democrats and Hillary Clinton specifically, or report on the use of the dossier as primary evidence used in which to obtain, what we now know to be, politically inspired wiretaps against American citizens and employees of the Donald Trump campaign.  

In Watergate it was the Mainstream media that was instrumental in taking down the President and holding all those involved accountable as well as discovering information and facts surrounding the event where here they not only turn a blind eye to everything but report on known fraudulent/false information and stories as if they were legit and had a legitimate and unimpeachable source.  In Obama's administration, you had the IRS, the FBI, the Justice Department and most of the National Mainstream Media politically weaponized against their political (Republicans and Donald Trump) enemies list and involved in steps that would lead to coverup of the information even back to the coverup of most all information surrounding the Benghazi attack on our Ambassador and Embassy there.  

Things, about Benghazi, we still don't know and we still have out there,

  • Where was the President during the attack and when did he know about the attack and what actions did he take accordingly?  I guarantee you had the attacks happened under George Bush's administration there was no way the Media would not be calling for impeachment if it was Bush that had lied to the American public for two whole weeks after the event when evidence was out there, in emails, that Hillary and the Administration knew that night it was terrorist acts rather than the YouTube video.
  • Who issued the stand down orders to our military response units such that they were not called upon to counter-attack and provide protection against the terrorist that were involved in the lengthy and ongoing attack which eventually led to the death of 4 of our State Department employees under Hillary Clinton.  Our military not only failed to respond but they were ordered not to when we had resources in place that could have potentially saved two if not all of the lives that were eventually lost in the attack.
  • Continual attempts to cover up the real reason for the attack, which was a terrorist attack, by blaming it on an obscure YouTube video that never got any publicity or exposure until the Obama administration used it as the catalyst or reason for the attack on the embassies.  
  • No accountability, to this day, on Susan Rice's part, Hillary's Part or Obama's part in stating the attack's purpose and the catalyst was based upon the YouTube video rather than terrorist motivation.  Outright lies to the American people and the World that went on for two weeks.  The lie was not only allowed to go unchallenged, in the Media but no demands for accountability for the deliberate lying to the American people for what was surely politically expedient reasons.
  • Even into the 2016 Political campaign Hillary was never challenged on her Benghazi decisions or actions by the Media but was covered and protected from any adverse negative information surrounding the Benghazi attack.

There is much more that could be said and related but I've already taken up far too much time and space.

As for the topic, this is under ... It is ludicrous to believe that Trump wants to shut down the Government and hurt people.  It is the Democrats that are 100% against everything that the President wants to do and in being total obstructionist should. bear all blame for any shutdown that occurs and they are not negotiating but rather dictating demands with zero movements on their part.  If anyone is desiring a shutdown it's the Democrats so that they, along with their media lapdogs, can blame and put responsibility for a Government shutdown on Trump and the Republicans as if the Democrat politicians never exist or have a say or vote in the process.  With 60 votes required, all it would take is 10 Democrats to avoid the shutdown but proof that they are in collusion against Trump lies in their voting as a block vote.  At least some Democrats, though, are defecting and indicating a desire to work with Republicans to avoid a shutdown but they (the Democrats that are working with Republicans) are far and few apart.

Kraven posted:
Freedom from Alinsky cowardly rabbits and other anti Americans
doesn't come without a fight. It never did before and I see our
flag is still there no matter how hard the liberal dems have been
trying to dispose of and crush it...  

It would have surely been disaster for the Nation if Hillary Clinton had been elected and I honestly believe she will make another attempt at it although I believe far too much baggage has been revealed and far too many, in the Democratic Party, have tired of her and no longer would blindly support her against the likes of Biden or other Democratic hopefuls for 2020.  

My, followup, question given your post above though is;  It appears that the Republicans are going to take a big political hit come November of this year and if that is the case and the Democrats take back both Houses of Congress, Senate and House, is the Trump Agenda dead, for all practical purposes?   I have no doubt that many in the Democratic leadership will make job one to arrange for the impeachment of Donald Trump regardless of any valid charges or evidence of any wrongdoing.  Their motivation is that they don't like Trump and live in a state of derangement continually.  

If Democrats do regain the House and Senate is all hope lost that any meaningful legislation will go forward and worse that they will be in a position to sabotage Donald Trumps administration which you just know they would gladly be willing to do, with the willing, and gleeful, help of most Mainstream Media outlets.   Will it be time to hang out the flag upside down?  I'm being facetious mind you but no doubts if that happens, politically, we will be in a state of turmoil where no one will be working together.  I look for the Democrats to openly brag and state that they were given a mission and objective to deny Trump of any points of his agenda and  possibly accomplish rolling back some of the advances that Trump has made to this point in time.

I'd agree with you if given a different situation, but why turn on
Trump now while knowing the reasons for the grid lock.?
If anything is apparent to the voters it would be they need more
conservatives now, not rid themselves of what's at hand...
Br’er Rabbit posted:

35 Congressional seats have changed parties since Trump's election. It would seem voters are tired of Prez Cheeto.

A simple search shows that only 8 congressional special elections were held in 2017.

In the House, Democrats kept one and Republicans kept five.  In the Senate, Democrats kept one and gained one.,_2017

Old wabbit better learn to count. 

Br’er Rabbit posted:

Poor ole Dire can't see the forest for the trees. At what point did I say 'Federal Congressional Seats'? Dire loves to spout the Republican lies and criticize Democrats for behaving as Republicans.

States use various titles for their state assemblies.  There is only one Congress. 

Just a few observations about the changing political scene.  First of all once the New Tax plan starts putting actual money in people's pockets and giving them raises and bonuses all the negative media, stating to the contrary, will be forgotten. 

Usually, in mid-term elections, the party in power takes a hit regardless, happened to the Democrats and so will most likely happen to the Republicans whether Trump was President or not.

Historically speaking or considering it is totally unprecedented (which it is), the overall NEGATIVE coverage, day after day, night after night, of Donald Trump surely will take some kind of toll.  For the greater part of the time since Donald Trump was elected and sworn into office most of the mainstream media outlets have been on a tear promoting negative stories with regards to Trump and/or the Republicans.   It's been documented that most of the major news outlets have been 93%+ negative in their coverage of Donald Trump.  Also, it's been documented that the Russian collusion story, documented to be tied to the fake, Democratic-funded, dossier has had 700 times more coverage in National News stories than the positive economic news stories.  People are being force fed negative stories, day after day, night after night, constantly negative stories about Donald Trump or someone connected with Donald Trump.  Given that overabundance of negative stories and adverse publicity it would be an unprecedented miracle if Donald Trump's folks and the Republicans did not have to give up leadership of the House and/or Senate in the coming November elections.

I'm hoping for the best  but sometimes people just crave change for the sake of change and thus advantage goes to the Democrats come November.

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