Typical (Hypocritic) Liberals, you could see this coming

Now maybe this should have been in the Politics category but then it's also news so I chose to post it here.  Consider the following news stories regarding protesters of the Dakota Pipeline.  Protesters who claim they were there to protect the environment no matter how many jobs it cost to do so, their ONLY  and MAIN concern was our planet and our environment.




So here these "do good" protesters who have only the environment in mind surely would clean up after themselves right?   I mean the least they could do to express their sincere concern for the local environment is clean up after themselves and leave area as they found it.   I'm sure each of these or at least most of these protesters are "hard working" people who had to take leave of their jobs in order to protest against the pipeline which was going to dirty up and harm the environment.  

Hypocritical in the same venue as those who decry Trump and Trump voters claiming they are filled with hatred all the while these people have venom in their words and they, themselves, when you hear them interviewed, boil over with anger and hatred as they describe the people they are there protesting claiming that these people hate others.   I would say it's the pot calling the kettle black but that would tend to indicate that there was a measure of truth in the accusations that these liberals are spouting against the Conservatives that they are protesting.   In reality the only anger and hatred and intolerance comes from the protesters themselves, many who are teachers or professors in their own occupations which is scary enough.   

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )
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