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Another excellent reason to vote for him!  When, the greatest collection of kleptocrats and corruptocrats is against you, that's a huuuge reason.


"The United Nations News Centre — the official U.N. news service — tweeted, then quickly pulled, a post that called for "8 million Americans abroad" to "stop Trump."

The tweet, published at 9:14 p.m. ET on Thursday, urged American expats to share a voter registration tool on the website of the activist organization Avaaz that states, "U.S. Citizens abroad could defeat Trump ... if they voted."

The Web page, titled "The October surprise that will end Trump," allows users to sign up for help registering to vote in the Nov. 8 presidential election and encourages them enlist their friends as well."


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I'm not a Trump supporter, but I am definitely anti-hilliary. I had no idea Trump would get this far, and I was enjoying the way he was telling the demoslops what he thought about them, and again, it was what most folks think about the anti-American, trashy, good for nothing, corrupt and criminal lefties with their "gimmethat" greedy voter base. All that "being said", as bad as I knew the lefty news outlets to be, I still had no idea the lengths to which they'd go to interfere with someone's right to run for office. The lies, the exaggerations, half-as*** reporting, twisting and leaving out facts to make Trump look bad, and the upholding and praising of hilliary's criminal and corrupt activities. She and the other demoslops have turned on over half of the population of this country, calling them names and vilifying them in every way possible. Now I can see why people will vote for Trump. It's one way to say screw you hilliary, you anti-American name calling POS.

I, to, have reservations about Donald Trump even though I am a supporter and will vote for him.  I do believe that there is NO ALTERNATIVE but to vote for Trump because a vote against Trump either for one of the other candidates or by abstaining or even writing in a vote is a vote for Hillary and there has never been a candidate (my own opinion) more corrupt and least deserving to be allowed to run, for the President.   She is a very corrupt woman and no doubt has violated the law and is a criminal yet the national media and most all democrats are willing to look the other way in order to stay in power and/or get her elected.

There is just too much evidence and proof out there that she is corrupt and has used her political positions to enrich Bill and herself and to use her position for personal gain but more than that in order to punish enemies.  Her actions and her berating quite likely led to Vince Foster's suicide, if indeed it was a suicide at all.   If the recent death/murder of the Democratic employee who was supposedly going at 4AM, in Washington, to the Justice Department with evidence against the Clinton campaign was true then it's highly likely that someone in the campaign is guilty of murder in order to get her elected. 

I'm not saying that the Clinton's would do such or know of such happening but I think there is very little that the Clinton's would allow to stand in their way between Hillary being elected.   I know Politics is a dirty business and people lie all the time but Hillary, and Bill, have perfected lying to the point that I don't think they have a conscience at all with respect to what they say or are talking about.  I think they could pass any lie detector for I don't think they think twice about the lies they tell. 

I also believe fully that Hillary failed in her position as Secretary of State and her poor performance led to if not contributed to the deaths of the four Americans at Benghazi then to lie about the cause of the attack in order to cover up politically.  It's not only Hillary but no one, even to today, knows where Obama was during the attack or when he was informed.  No one knows what he did or how he reacted.  No one to today knows who actually gave the stand down order to our military response units that could have got into the fight and assisted those being attacked yet were called off nd no on was there to assist the four Americans that were killed.  There is no doubt that blood is on the hands of this administration and potentially Hillary Clinton as well yet we have a national media complacent and not willing to investigate and report on what actually happened and is allowing many unanswered questions to go unanswered, something that never would be given to a Republican administration.  To the contrary if the exact same circumstances were in effect with a Republican President there is no doubt that the national media and all democrats would be screaming for impeachment and prosecution to happen.  

I may not be the most enthusiastic Trump supporter and my, Alabama, vote may not count for anything in the scope of things but there is surely no way that Hillary Clinton deserves to even be in the race much less stand the good chance of being elected.   She should be under indictment and facing  court and a judge and potential prison time but because she is who she is and because potentially her crimes possibly could involve the first minority President she is going to get a pass.  What is undeniable is that the Obama administration has misused and abused the Justice Department and the IRS making both political and outlets to punish political enemies and that alone should be criminal itself yet Democrats, and the national media, are very willing to look the other way and approve of such because it happens to be their party that is in power.  What a sad society we have become.


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