All right you die hard sports fans, UNA needs your support for the UNDEFEATED Lions. Playoff game tickets go on sale soon. For a pittance of only $10.00 per seat you will see some of the best football being played in Alabama this year. Coach Hud has the team fired up and ready to make the run for the Div II NCAA National Championship. If you miss the playoff game and the National Championship game, then you can't really call yourself a true sports fan (IMHO). Cool
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Is TUNA gonna give tix away again for these games?

If TUNA doesn't make the Div II game, is the Shoal's or TUNA tix office going to give away tix again like last year?

I remember 20 years ago, they had the Shoal's McDonalds Honor band for the first game ever played in Flo-Town. I was a part of it. I was duped into believing it was associated with the REAL McDonald's marching band, that would march at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade....had nothing to do with them....
As far as the Championship game goes, UNA has no control over what they do other than a vote like all other schools. The Shoals National Championship Committee handles the Championship games and as far as I know tickets weren't given away by them. Now there are lots of business that buy blocks of tickets and gives them away to customers.
UNA don't even give away tickets to the Sportsman Club for the playoffs. So I guess the short answer would be no.

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