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He is Republican, He was appointed by Reagan and HE DESERVES TO BE REMOVED FROM THE COURT!




The beliefs of this judge, and others like him, are a direct threat to our nation!  We are at a point in our nation like no other.  There is a belief, if not a fact, that at least four Supreme Court Justices are no longer guided by the Constitution but are in effect a rubber stamp of Democratic Party politics.  In other words there is absolutely NO consideration of what the Constitution says or means or any ability to interpret it with respect to changes in time but rather four Judges make Political decisions and not in any way with respect to the actual Constitution that our form of Government is based upon and on which they take their oaths.

Is there no better reason for removing a judge?  How can we have a Nation or a Government that is viable and trustworthy if we have Judges and Politicians who only give lip service to our founding Document?  My greatest fear is that it is people such as this Judge and other statements by Politicians or calls from Editorials in Publications such as the New York Times that call for deliberate and willful skirting of the Constitution in order to achieve an objective or fufill an agenda such as defeating the 2nd Amendment.

It was actually suggested by a Politician and the subject of a New York Times editorial that some secret Judicial way be found where a Judge and/or Congress would work together to create a path whereby the Government could restrict guns to American citizens or circumvent the 2nd Amendment with just Congressional action or Judicial ruling.  THIS IS DANGEROUS and such, when or if revealed, could be the trip wire for groups such as various right wing militias to act and create a very violent attempt to move against our Government. 

Granted that's what the 2nd Amendment was for but my own opinion is that was but the very last straw.  Elections are a Nations best way to eliminate threats that are in a position to cause problems.  This calls for an electorate that is educated and sane and doesn't vote without reason or cause and unfortunately we are close to having an electorate that is disqualified in itself being so polarized that votes are cast solely on party loyalty without any consideration as to if the candidate is qualified.

More and more, today, we are in a political world where ALL WE HEAR are reasons we should vote against someone rather than reasons we should vote FOR someone.  Candidates spend more time telling the public what their opponent will do rather than what they will do.   Candidates spend more time, money, and efforts in destroying their opponent and demonizing their opponent than revealing who they are and what they will do and why they deserve to be elected to the position they are running for.

Here are the reasons I fear for our Nation's future

  • A more increasingly polarized and uneducated electorate that knows less and less about our founding fathers and documents and principals on which our Nation was founded and that has kept our Nation unique and prosperous.  An electorate that increasingly pays more attention to which party a candidate belongs to rather than the candidates positions on issues, voting history, qualifications for the position sought, and the character of the candidate.  The vote is an extremely strong check against runaway politicians yet so many votes are cast today based upon a person's skin color, their looks, superficial things and what party they belong to or just because they recognize a name. 
  • A Media that is more and more corrupt and focused on being political rather than investigating and reporting regardless of where the story takes them and on whether or not it's beneficial or hurtful for either side.  Media outlets are more and more polarized and affiliated with or seemingly affiliated with a Political party at times failing to investigate stories and concealing other stories depending on if it is thought it will hurt a particular parties candidate.  The Media should be impartial with no reluctance to investigate any politician or branch of Government.  The media should be skeptical and non-trusting of Government and be a check against government not in bed with the politicians.
  • A Failure of Constitutional Checks and Balances whereby Congress willingly gives up it's check of the threat of impeachment or control of the budget out of fears of being called racist or sexist.  Congress is more and more of no effect and not willing to stand up to either the Executive Branch or the Judicial Branch.  There is more infighting and concern about their own selfish wants than the needs of the Nation and solving the problems that exist and are getting worse.
  • An ever increasing Judicial Branch that seems intent on making law rather than interpreting it.  Legislating from the Bench with no intervention or flack from Congress.  A Judiciary that spends more time cultivating ways to make a law, like the Healthcare law, legal rather than ruling on it's compliance to the Constitution.   
  • An ever powerful and out of control Executive Branch which creates law by Executive Order and purposely, deliberately, bypasses Congress  based upon personal opinion that Congress is not doing it's job.  Also as a part of the Executive Branch departments like the EPA writing rules and restrictions which usurp Congresses powers and getting away with it because Congress fails to act and use their power to declare such rules and regulations as overstepping their powers and denying the funds to the department to implement those new regulations and rules.
  • Failure of our Educational system, across the board from elementary to College to teach, indoctrinate, and instill the basic values and principals of our founders as contained in and can be derived from the Magna Carta, the Federalist Papers, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution along with those for each of our States.  Failure to understand our Nation's history, what made and makes us unique, as well as knowing our history and our Founding Fathers as to who they were and what they were about and the sacrifices that the Generations before us made leading to a lack of appreciation for those who created this nation.  A general attitude that our nation has done something wrong and needs to apologize for it.  Failure to recognize and understand the evil that existed such as the history of the Holocaust and other events of History that we should know so as to never repeat them or allow them to happen again.
  • Judges and Politicians who openly question, deny, and reject the Constitution that they once pledged support to uphold and defend only to now declare it obsolete, ineffective, and useless.  Taken alone each one of these should be reason to fear but taken collectively it reveals that our Nation is in a very vicarious and dangerous place. 

Much more could be stated but when such statements as this Judge made, regarding the Constitution, can go unchecked by Media and allowed to go unchallenged and unopposed then we know we are nearing a tipping point and one where profound changes can affect generations to come.  At a time where information has never been so accessible and plentiful we see a generation that is spending far more time playing video games and texting than studying the History and Government of this nation.  We are progressively entering into a generation of apathy and increasing gullibility on the part of people who have forfeited a foundation in the Principals that our Nation was founded on and that has kept us focused on and guided by. 

A generation that is increasingly ignorant of history, founding principals, and founding fathers and is drowning in arrogance and superficiality.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )
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He has broken his oath, therefore, he should be removed immediately.


Each justice or judge of the United States shall take the following oath or affirmation before performing the duties of his office:

“I, ___ ___, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me as ___ under the Constitution and laws of the United States. So help me God.”

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