They own Kia, Hyundai, The Chrysler , Dodge, Jeep, Ram dealership, they bought Jim Bishop's 2 dealerships in Tuscumbia, and moved the Toyota to a new building (along with scion), now it says they are putting Hyundai in the old Toyota building (so I don't know if this will be a second Hyundai, or the Florence one will be moving, today I saw signs at what were Jerry Damson Honda and jerry Damson Nissan saying University. Now they own over half of the Shoals Car dealerships, I think.

The only other ones I can think of are Long Lewis' 2 dealerships, The 2 Car Marts, Bentley Chevrolet/Cadillac, and Ray Miller Buick GMC.

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From 1 river to another... I have to agree, looks like University is getting a strangle hold on the shoals area Automobile market. They have to be taking on a huge amount of debt , remodeling & buying out all the other delearships. I wonder when the auto-loan business bubble is going to bust... Kinda hard to buy $28,000 auto, making less than $40,000. Kia advertised, you can get an approved loan bringing home $350/week. Wow, imagine bringing home $18,200 a year and buying an auto for $23,000..paying it off in 96 months. Lets hope that $18,200 wage earner gets a better job within 96 months.. There must be a lot of profit margin in making auto loans to people earning $350/week.

It least will still have Long Lewis, Bentley, and Ray Miller. I sure hope University doesn't try to buy every car dealership in the Shoals. Think about it, if they were able to they could charge whatever they wanted to far a car and tell you if you don't like it drive to Huntsville or Tupelo, MS. They could sell a $30,000 car for $50,000.

Well, yeah.  


How many people do you know will keep paying for a car for 8 years? Chances are when they come back in 5 or so years they will still be underwater, so that's extra interest that can be added.  Even if they did pay it all off, you probably paid a quarter of the value of the loan in interest. 


This is why dealerships always try to sell you on the price of the payment.  Most people don't realize the total cost of what they are paying.

Semi: You must recently had a bad experience at University.. Here's what I experienced at University

They have their scripted routine to follow.  Is how they set you up..for the next step..and the next step.. Keep you playing their Game, keeping you at the dealership as long as possible...Trying to keep you from designing your own plan/Game approach to make a reasonable purchase of the automobile of your choice.. Otherwise they would have too many people walk out as soon as they opened their mouth... Dealerships don't want to listen what you are willing to offer Early in the Game Process, when just looking to make a serious purchase, I've walked out on several through the years..Never went back either...unless they got a new general manager or dealership changed their tactics toward the purchaser. I too was not happy with the University approach..

all business is moving to one or two owners nation wide. volume is the path to profit. the mark up on most new cars is a lower % than the taxes you pay. I find it interesting the same person that tips 20% over their restaurant bill  want to pay cost or less for a new car. remember the sales person is paid commission only, no salary. If they don't sell enough they get paid min. wage and fired if it happens to many times. the managers are the ones pushing the games. on a new car no loan should be over 60 months especially with brands that depreciate fast.

best advice is do your homework, buy best value (which includes cost of ownership). remember when you negotiate you are also deciding what the sales person gets paid. the national avg. car sold per sales person is 10-12.  if you tip waitress why would you not tip sales person if you negotiate car to dealer cost or less?  personally I found cheapest price then tipped sales person $200 on a $25000 car which is less than 1%, seemed fair to me.

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The one percent keep getting more and more.


You are PATHETIC! YOU sure want more and more even if no one else gets anything. Like 1130 asked, you don't think anyone should make a living? Of course you don't. You think everything should be given to you.

You are PATHETIC! YOU sure want more and more even if no one else getsanything. Like 1130 asked, you don't think anyone should make a living? Of course you don't. You think everything should be given to you.


Best, you can't post any facts, all you can do is to make up lies about me. Go ahead, the readers know what you are.

As far as given to me, I doubt that you would last til break time on some of the jobs I  was on.

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