This year's theme at the World Economic Forum annual meeting -- "the shifting power equation"-- confirms the view of the global elite gathering in Davos, Switzerland that power is draining away from the United States to multiple centers as countries from Brazil to China moved beyond "emerging" markets to establish themselves as major players on the world scene.

This is something we should know about, and it is only indirectly about US Foreign Policy. The growing clout in world markets is making a difference, Personally, I think the conservative response to the change is calle the War In Iraq, and the Threats to the rest of the world.
This particular article, taken in that light, makes the USA a paper tiger.
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Don't bait the troll fields!

"I dream of the day the last lawyer is strangled on the entrails of the last preacher," from William Z. Foster, late unlamented leader of the Communist Party USA. I guess even commies didn't like lawyers or had original thinking.

well, I think that is called a paraphrase. And you're correct. Every Lawyer in the USA graduated from a college, Most of them from Colleges with Football Teams, and Most of which twist around the NCAA regulations to get a leg up on the competition.

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