Hi All !! Well, It's vacation time for me and I'm heading out tomorrow. Let's see if anyone can guess where I'm going and the first one to guess it right; I'll try to do my best to award that person a souvenir from there.. Smiler Not sure what internet access I'll have from there but I'll try to keep all posted during my trip.. c-ya !
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Originally posted by allysmom:
What..........no hints

It wouldn't be no fun I give you hints...besides hints might give the answer away too easy.. Big Grin
Originally posted by (aka)PuckerupFrog:

Ding ding ding ding.... PUF !! You're the winner !!! I will be out there from Sun to the next Tues. (11th). I will be going to the Big Island to visit my brother and his family. I'll have to find you something real unique !
I need a Layei!

seriously, no prize neccessary...just have a great time and a safe trip and tell us all about it when you get back.
When it comes to vacations i have to live vicariously through others.....
That sounds so nice.....
( thinking to myself sorry !@#$%##$$% going to the Islands and here I am stuck in this Alabama heat with no waves or hula skirts)
I hope you have a wonderful time Smiler
(thinking to myself, dang I hope you get sick from eating to much roast pig)
And don't forget the sunscreen Big Grin
( thinking to myself, I hope he burns his buns off while I walk outside and melt in the humidy)

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