Recently after being diagnosed with a potentially serious medical issue, my primary care physician gave me three options. One being seeing a nephrologists locally; seeing a nephrologists in Huntsville or seeing a nephrologists in the Birmingham area. After much consideration, I elected none of the above and asked to be referred to a nephrologists at the Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville. During my research of hospitals specializing in diseases and illnesses of the kidney’s I learned that in one of the medical surveys that the nephrology program at Vanderbilt was ranked at the 5th best in the nation.

My appointment was yesterday. I was very pleased with the quality of care that I received. During my initial appointment, I spent about an hour with the doctor, who was very attentive of my symptoms, previous treatment and medications and developing a care plan for me to follow. The result of my medical labs were available on line for me and whoever I designate to review by the time I returned home. The was follow up by an email from the nurse and a call from the doctor herself this morning. If my personal experiences are any indication of things to come, I am convinced that I made the right decision.

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Vanderbilt ought to have plenty of space for insured patients in the future. They have chosen not to participate in O'Bamacare's Exchange.  The State of Tennessee also refused to run an Exchange (like Alabama refused.)


That means that Vanderbilt facilities will be off limit to O'Bamacare patients--inpatient and outpatient.  The 1200 physicians in their system will also not see those patients.


You're right about Vanderbilt's quality being very high in many areas.  Their cancer and Parkinson's clinics are just about as good as it gets. 


I've already told my wife that if I'm ever LifeFlight'd, tell'em to fly the chopper 7 minutes longer and take me to Vanderbilt's Emergency Room.  Their E-Room is world famous as the best.


And I want to avoid Huntsville Hospital in every way after the way they've tried to takeover healthcare in North Alabama without buying the hospitals.  I don't believe in medical management contracts.

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