She has retained Billy Underwood...Personally, I can't stand the guy, but as an attorney for this type of situation (if there were some shenanigans involved), I can't think of any better.

After 24 1/2 years of stellar employment record and suddenly only $500 is mishandled? I concur, smells funny...With her hired gun and the strange events, this should make for interesting local drama...I can only wonder how much more of this story TD will accurately "report" on...
I have to agree. Anyone with sense can see this is a load of crap and they wanted to get rid of her to save money. She would have never stole 500.00 knowing she would retire soon. At least the pd could have come up with an outrageous number that might be more believable.
The article says AT LEAST $500, not just $500. However, I do agree that this sounds fishy to me. Why would someone 6 months away from retirement do something stupid to risk it all? Wonder exactly how the funds were mismanaged? Lots more to the story I think...
For some strange reason, the TimesDaily can find no wrong in Muscle Shoals. I was surprised that today's story made the newspaper. When their schools do something that other schools have done for year, it's somehow big news. You'll notice that two of their administrators are finalists for two of the open Superintendent positions in the Shoals. If their schools are so great, why are some of their top people trying to jump ship?
Why would people assume "something crooked" is going on? People are often caught being dishonest. Who says this is the first time...who says this hasn't been going on for years and she just now got caught? I don't care either way, don't know the person involved. I just like to wait for all the information before jumping to conclusions about a person's guilt or innocence.
And of course that's your right, beadcutter. I'd be more open minded myself if I hadn't already seen so much corrupt political shenanigans in the area. Know someone special? You'll walk and the news will never report your troubles. On someone's bad side? Watch your back.

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