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This is the ripping of children from their mothers that Kamala Harris and the Democrats support. And they support it almost monolithically.

In fact, last year DNC head Tom Perez said that anyone who didn’t support ripping children from their mothers’ womb didn’t belong in the party. (He later backed off, although you’d hardly be able to tell with the party as it is.)

This is the literal ripping of a child from its mother. It’s not a child being placed in state custody for a short period of time because their parent tried to take them over the border illegally and got caught. A surgeon enters the mother’s womb, kills the child and then rips it from the mother’s body.

At the end of her Facebook post criticizing the Trump administration’s decision to enforce border law, Sen. Harris appended the hashtag “#KeepFamiliesTogether.” But only if they originate outside the United States.

In the United States, she doesn’t particularly care what happens to the child. She just calls it “choice” and “family planning.”

She isn’t alone, either. The sad thing is, these are all the people willing to call enforcing the law “ripping children from their mother,” and ripping children from their mother anything but that.

Among the demagogic scurrilities introduced to political discourse by the immigration debate, “babies ripped from their mothers” was right up there with “children in cages.”

Both were untruths cultivated by the Democrats and their allies in the media not just to invoke despotism but to invoke one specific regime: **** Germany. And some of the language used to cultivate it would even make William Randolph Hearst or Huey Long blush.

“I cannot think of an act that is more cruel and more inhumane than to rip the child from the arms of the mother,” said Democrat Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez, certainly no stranger to demagogy.


Sen. Kamala Harris, apparently considered a 2020 presidential contender for no specific reason than she managed to get elected to the Senate in 2016 and seems to tick off a number of ethno-gender checkboxes Democrat identitarians seem to be obsessed with, said that “There is no law that requires ripping these babies from their families. The president should pick up the phone and end this human rights abuse right now.”

Children, of course, aren’t being “ripped” from their families like this were a scene from “Schindler’s List.” You know it, I know it, and these politicians and journalists know it — but it makes for good imagery.

However what’s ironic — in a terribly sick way — is that Democrats are actually for the literal ripping of children from their mother. Not only do they find it salutary, they openly refuse to consider judicial nominees who don’t support it. They consider it not just a right but practically a sacrament.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, James Woods pointed it out to Sen. Harris via Twitter. We must warn you that his tweet is extremely graphic. We also cannot verify the authenticity of the picture, but keep in mind that no matter how authentic it is, it will be disturbing. We advise you that this is sensitive media. Viewer discretion is strongly advised

Viewer discretion is strongly advised.



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