Virtual Reality - it's coming

It's mostly using PC Platforms but Mac is making moves to implement 3D Virtual Reality into it's products and future offerings.  I don't know how many have been over Huntsville or even know what GigaParts is but it's well worth a stop by and see what the future has to offer in computing. 

GigaParts is a store, in Huntsville, on Hwy 72, just west of the Research Parkway intersection and specializes in Computers and Ham Radio (Amateur Radio) supplies and equipment.  As you walk in you are greeted with a roped off section that they have devoted to Virtual Reality gaming and computing and you have the ability to put on the headset and experience some of what is to come and what's available now.  Granted it's expensive, at least now, costing around $4,000 to $5,000 or a very nice outfit to get you gaming but the future is promising and most likely much less expensive.  Some of the games are very  rudimentary and simplistic but there is enough out there to show how promising this technology is.  Driving/Racing games and shoot um up type games are very promising but the game that they are currently demonstrating is one where you shoot arrows using their setup.  It's pretty entertaining and quite addicting so there is a potential that it will grow exponentially over the coming years.

If you get a chance to stop by and experience it just make sure you don't get dizzy too easily.  It sure beats all the discussions about politics, sports, and religion.

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budsfarm posted:

Virtual reality = does that mean blow up dolls are making a comeback?


I don't even want to get into that discussion because I've seen some off the very expensive robot dolls or lifelike female dolls that sell for many thousands of dollars and I can just imagine the melding of 3D (or 4D) along with Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and robotic advancements and materials.   I can only imagine what advancements they will make over the coming 10 years or so.  

I really have mixed emotions when it comes to these dolls.  On one hand I can hope that they would help keep really dangerous and deviants in the house and away from real people that they might make targets but then they also might create an image and reality that is not real and people will began to make transference over to real individuals and create a more dangerous situation.  When you dehumanize a person then people will cross many more lines than they would otherwise.

This is abortion's big argument that it's just a non-living piece of mass tissue with no life or intelligence or feeling thus people will not have any emotional connection or guilt in terminating the life.  I though believe it is a life some point after conception and long before the birth process happens.  Being religious, a Christian, I believe that the fleshly embryo/fetus is a function of the mating of the male and female creating a fleshly body and as a part of that is the mental capacity and the brains development and pain receptors.  The special thing about the future baby is when God puts a living existing eternal spirit within the fleshly body.   I know many will not believe that or accept that but that is my personal belief.  Without the inner spirit/soul I still believe the baby/embryo/fetus is alive and a person living and able to have intelligence and feelings.  There is a point that those things are developed and I don't know those moments but I do know that I believe abortion, due to choice, is murder or akin to murder of the most innocent individual. 

 The method of killing that, most, innocent child is also one of the most hideous there is specifically when the doctor or abortionist tears the child apart with pliers or whatever he/she uses.  One can only imagine the torment that the child actually feels for a short time.  I'm sorry but that's just the way I feel and believe. 

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