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This POS is at it again. After getting away with his theatrical flop last year that got one of the opposing team's players tossed, he does this. Why is this POS still playing football? The entire TN team was playing dirty, but this one needs his leg broken.


TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- Tennessee defensive back Rashaan Gaulden flipped off the Alabama student section with both hands after a 97-yard interception return resulted in a touchdown Saturday.

It was the Vols' first touchdown in 12 quarters of play.

With his team trailing by three touchdowns at the time, Gaulden was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct, and Tennessee incurred a 15-yard penalty on the ensuing kickoff. Alabama took advantage of the short field and made a field goal to extend its lead in a game it won 45-7.

Gaulden apologized for the gesture after the game.

"I want to make an apology to the University of Tennessee and the University of Alabama for my gesture after the pick-six by Daniel Bituli," Gaulden said in a postgame news conference. "That remark that I showed was very out of character. That's not how my parents raised me. That's not how a leader of the team should show their emotions on the field."

Tennessee coach Butch Jones called Gaulden's actions "unacceptable" and said the matter would be handled internally.

"That's not who we are, that's not what we are about," Jones said. "But he knew that. We spoke about it, he feels awful about it."  Gaulden, a fourth-year junior, was fourth on the team with 40 tackles entering Saturday's game.

"Tennessee coach Butch Jones called Gaulden's actions "unacceptable" and said the matter would be handled internally".

What's jones going to do, laugh about it like he did earlier this year when reporters asked him about gaulden's flop last season??


Original Post

Butch Jones has lost control of his Team. #7 Gaulden's Double salute to the AL Fans should have resulted in him sitting on the bench for rest of game. 

Maybe Jones will make another goofy motivational statement to the Vol Team; Announcing Gaulden, the recipient of the "Champion of Life Belt".

Another Classless TN Player on National Display.

I know Butch would love to keep his job but I don't think even he thinks there is a chance of that happening now.  At least, for him and many like him in those positions, he will walk away with a nice huge paycheck that if he wanted he could coast through retirement for the rest of his life with.  

The question is not if Butch will be fired but when and then who will replace him.

Jon Gruden's name keeps coming up to the top of most Tennessee fan's list but who knows who they will go after.  Kiffen would be a great coach but after what happened last time you can guarantee you that he would never make it to even being on the list for I don't know that there is anyone with the kahunas to even mention him as a prospect.  So on goes Tennessee's rebuilding program phase 4 to begin 2018. 

Best: Recently hired John Currie is a first year AD(march 2017) and spending $12 million on a coaching staff buyout and then another $12-ish million on a brand new coaching staff is something he would like to avoid out of the gate. This also makes me believe that the coach Tennessee hires is currently coaching in college football and wouldn’t be able to be announced until the end of the regular season anyway.

I could see John Currie making the decision after the seventh loss of the season – ending bowl eligibility. $$$$ making machine ends on this note.

Cheaper to Keep Him -- reminds me of song, Cheaper to Keep Her:

I originally felt Jones would be Fired after loosing to South Carolina and after the Bama Beat Down, well.... they knew TN would loose Bama game.. but I look to see if they win enough games to become bowl eligible. If so, he's fired at end of season. If not, fired sooner.


There was a statement on the Finebaum show today, regarding Butch Jone's not being fired as of yet and that statement speculated that Tennessee may have a section in Jone's contract that means Tennessee can greatly reduce his salary and buyout if he doesn't secure a bowl game.  If that's the case then Tennessee's AD is looking to save some money.  This year may present College Football with quite a coaching change across several teams at the end of the season. 

Another thing that I found completely surprising was that Finebaum threw up a slide that compared Butch Jone's last 11 games to Michigan's Jim Harbaugh and the two's performance was almost identical .. wins vs losses and points per game as well as victories over top ten teams only one is on the super hot seat and the other isn't mentioned as being as of now.   I do though know that there might be some uncomfortable fans at Michigan if Michigan loses again to Ohio State this year having already been spanked by Penn State.

The question for TN is, Did the Loss to Bama demoralize the teams spirit to continue to win its remaining games? Some teams seem to fall apart after Bama exposes all your weakest areas. As opponents will use those area's of weakness in future game plans. Interesting to see if TN bounces back to save face next week at Kentucky. Can Butch Fix TN to finish, winning out season?

I seriously doubt it, but we will see. Finebaum show this week will get interesting from all the callers from TN calling into the show, wanting heads to roll. (Butch & staff) Much like the worst time of a relationship, when it is ending.

Tennessee Volunteers football
3-4, 5th in SEC East
Saturday, October 28, 6:30 PM on SECN
Commonwealth Stadium Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky


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