The claim is that given opportunity and time but mostly access (possibly remote access through backdoor or port) then it is possible for a superbly qualified person to access the program and make changes necessary to alter elections where these particular programs are used to tally votes.  I forget where the specific applications are in use but I do know Mississippi and Georgia were heavily using this particular program.  

Now, though, that it has been reported hopefully there will be measures taken to counter such intrusion if it can still be done.  Frankly I don't know but when someone like Donald Trump is hesitant about saying he will accept any election as totally fair and accurate and getting lambasted about it I think it's unfair for there are some reasons to have concern. 

It has been proven that many votes are cast under the names of people that have died or that elections have been affected by illegal votes but that goes for both Democrats and Republicans.

I'm just saying that Trump has reasons to suspect that an election might be rigged or at least has that potential to be rigged.  Democrats have essentially said the same about elections that they lost so it's natural to do.  So why make such a big deal when Trump says he will wait to see and make judgments then.

well, i know you to be somewhat level headed.... and i can appreciate a civil discussion... i kinda know a pretty good bit about computers.. programing.. software/hardware... while i don't doubt the process is possible... i do think it's highly unlikely... the entire problem could be totally eliminated in i'd say 4 seconds. will they... who knows.

i've almost taken to the notion.. if voting matter that much, they'd never let us do it. ha!

what bothers me most about trumps claims of 'rigging' is... the republicans have been convicted of voter intimidation before... as a matter of fact, next year, the 'republican consent decree' was set to expire next year... IF trump and the RNC have people, at the polls, that will be extended another 8 years, most likely... how'd you like to know you'd waited 35 years for a court order to expire.. and trump is, single handed, about to destroy all hope.

btw, the 'republican consent decree' is in place because of republicans intimidating voters in an election. those republicans have a long history of accusing people of doing what they're doing... projecting, if you will.

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