WACO - Koresh and the Branch Davidians

The tragic events at Waco, Tx with David Koresh and the Branch Davidians continues to draw interest still today.  From the standpoint of Religion I believe lessons can be learned, still today, but it is still evidence of what can happen as people, Christians, place their faith in pastors, ministers, and smooth talkers and teachers rather than researching for themselves, and proving, what is said and taught to them.   Still today we have large megachurches and even small churches where the congregation deifies the minister to the point that they accept, without reservation what is taught from the pulpit and if ever there comes a problem the benefit of the doubt always is awarded to the Preacher.  

People that listen without ever questioning what is taught and questioning the credibility of the one who is in leadership position.  At the bottom of many of my post is a scripture reference to Acts 17:11 about the Berean people who, although they heard and listened to the Apostles, including Paul, would immediately take the Scriptures (word of God) and prove, compare, what was being taught to insure it was accurate.  We've lost this, today, to a great degree.

With David Koresh it was a branch of the 7th Day Adventist church called the Branch Davidians who Koresh, as a young man, romanced the elderly accepted and appointed leader who then appointed Koresh to follow her as leader.  Koresh did have speaking ability and a personality as well as ability to teach and gain acceptance and trust to the point that even when he made himself equal to Christ and claimed that all the women, including those under age, were his to use sexually, there was not a revolt among the congregation but rather acceptance.  

Today, in any Religious group or Church, the danger is there when the people fail to hold their leaders, teachers, ministers, to the truth as contained within the groups Scripture sources.  That goes for Muslims and Islam also and is why so many Imams are able to radicalize members of Islam into believing that God  (in their case Allah) blesses the murder of innocence and genocide of another people or religion.  So from Waco we can still see the same flaws of placing complete faith and power in an individual, mortal man.  Same also at Jonestown with Jim Jones and the eventual same outcome for the followers.  

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )
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The church?  Technology?  False prophets?  The failing, whatever the issue - whatever our convictions,  is ours as a whole to own.  Personal responsibility, rather than pointing fingers, dictates based on lessons learned we are capable of doing so much better.  Unfortunately human imperfection impedes the path, a never to be resolved conflict between good and evil which perpetuates my former careers.  I should be thankful, I suppose, for the comfortable retired life I live but at the price of others' distress brought on by "the evil men do" diminishes it totally.


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