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For the past several days I’ve noticed the Waffle House on Florence Blvd.  has been closed.  I was wondering if it is permanent or other unforeseen problems they may have occurred.


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I too noticed that but I think it's strictly temporary.  They had the parking lot tore up and were pouring concrete yesterday, from what I saw.   It had the whole front of the restaurant roped off while pouring so there was no place to park and no ability to walk through it.

I bet they'll be open in a few days, maybe later today even.  Just depends on how fast concrete dries.  Maybe it's the first time those locks on the doors will have gotten used since it opened. 

A lot of folks felt that Waffle House adding a non-smoking rule tho their stores would hurt their business.  I think it's helped it.  I ask a waitress what she thought about it and she said she liked it. She said before smokers would come in order a cup of coffee and set and talk for hours, taking up her table and leave wit no tip at all.  She said she makes much more money now because many people that didn't come to Waffle House before, due to their smoking policy come now and she has seats open for them.  

The people who used to come, set for a long period just to smoke and drink coffee and not tip got upset over the non-smoking policy and left.  Those new customers that took their place usually order a meal and tip.  So she thought at first it was going to be a bad decision she says now it is a great decision, as far as she is concerned.

For my part, most times I drive by it seems they have a lot of business, much more than Shoneys has.

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