Walk Away: Leftists Abuse St. Jude Family Who Thanked Eric Trump For Raising Millions of Dollars to Help Children With Cancer

(Gateway Pundit) – Nothing is too low for leftists; they’ll even attack a family with a precious little boy battling cancer.

A Memphis, Tennessee woman was on the receiving end of abuse from leftists after she decided to thank Eric Trump for donating and helping raise millions of dollars to help fund St. Jude children’s hospital.

Eric Trump and the Trump Organization donated and helped raise $16 million dollars to fund St. Jude children’s hospital to help families pay for cancer treatments for children.

A Tennessee woman was emotional and grateful after watching how the doctors and staff at St. Jude saved her nephew, Zachary’s life after he was diagnosed with cancer.

The woman was so grateful, she decided to tweet a little thank you note to Eric Trump.

“Thank you for your commitment to St. Jude. This St. Jude family is eternally grateful,” the woman said in a tweet.

Eric Trump eventually saw her tweet and responded to her.

Trump tweeted: .@StJude is the best cause in the world! It has truly been one of the most important and meaningful missions of my life.

From this moment on, the woman said she and her little nephew were on the receiving end of an onslaught of pure hatred from leftists.

She received so much hatred, she decided to post a #WalkAway video describing her experience.

Nothing it too low for today’s Democrats. They even attack a family with a child suffering from cancer simply because they thanked Eric Trump.

Watch this emotional woman describe what happened to her and her family.

Update: The woman in the video responded to this reporter. She said the outpouring support from the #WalkAway folks has been amazing.

She also provided a link to donate to St. Jude.

Her nephew Zachary is in remission and will be participating in the St. Jude marathon this year!


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Disgusting skanky sleazy is all to be said of the filthy Demo*****... 
A vugar embarrassment this Country has never seen before........
Hate is a stressful thing and leading cause of various diseases,
so rock on with it, I like watching.....

My niece is a St. Jude patient with strange kind of thyroid cancer.  St. Jude sent her to Houston to have surgery 3 years ago with the top throat surgeon in the country.  Now that she is in college in New York, St. Jude has the head of Sloan Kettering as her personal physician.  They open doors.  Nice to know the world's best physicians discuss her case every week on conference calls.

St. Jude is in the process of adding 2,000 more medical professionals and spending $5 billion on facilities in order to take the next step to eradicate cancer.  The medical world has never seen such an aggressive approach to research.  And it all started with a bunch of Lebanese businessmen in Memphis and Chicago as a charity.

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