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My wife told me that she's seen several places that WalMart is no longer going to price match their competitors.  If that is corrrect, which it does appear to be, then that will be good news for many smaller, family owned, grocery vendors and even stores like Publix. 

Personally I liked being able to grab up the grocery ads and go to WalMart and get all my trips items in one trip but it's not going to be that much of a problem to me.  WalMart has been getting much more restrictivew on many of their policies so elimination of this is just one more sign that they might be feeling the pressure from and are having to try and save money in some places.  Also given K-Mart & Sears are going away WalMart doesn't have to concern themselves as much with competition which always means bad news for consumers.

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Sounds like the wife was right after all.  I'm sure Big Star will be glad to know about their change in policy as will Hometown market.  Big Star is down to just a few stores left and Hometown Market is limited to their single store location at 7-Points area.  I'm always glad to support the local vendors over the big box stores and I think ultimatly this decision will hurt WalMart but then as big as they are it may not matter to them in the least as they have accomplished one of their biggest goals, that of destroying K-Mart.

  I will miss matching competitors ads for everyday items, when in a hurry to get back home. Saving me multiple stops on grocery shopping day. As it has been a major convenience for us. However, we will have to plan our shopping list & stops accordingly, to which one of us, is going into town, to go by XYZ Store and pick up those Sale Items, which we have a need or desire for.  

 When stocking up & portion control Sale item meats for the freezer, we did make separate trips to the different stores having the actual meat sale. Early on, I had tried to price compare meat items at Walmart and it became more of a hassle at the check out with some of the cashiers, due to exact wording of ad vs Walmart wording on packaged fresh meat cuts, sometimes they were different wording for the same muscle cut, just called something else.  So we eliminated all meat item purchases altogether from Walmart 10 or more years ago.

  Lately, I’ve not seen that many Great Ad Buys at some of our local grocers. So my list of comparative Buys have dwindled to a trickle & have not been to Walmart in over 2 weeks. Aldi’s has been receiving most of our money with their lower priced items for everyday use. I would suspect, Aldi is having an impact on Walmart grocery sales for local family dollars. Its become more convenient to stop at Aldi for basic’s and some of our local grocers for meat item sales. I still like being able to have the butcher cut my stakes to my desired thickness, plus I can see the whole muscle from which it is cut from. That’s personal service you can’t get at Aldi or Walmart. These thick steaks will be great on the grill during Football season.

RR, I do believe ALDI has got Wal-Mart's attention and their great prices have had an affect upon Wal-Mart's decision to eliminate or stop price matching.  I know WalMart also has had problems with Publix BOGO offers (Buy One Get One free) so WalMart would refuse to match those offers all along.  The way that Alabama treats the BOGO specials means that the stores can ring up one item and don't require you to buy two to get the special price.  Florida is not like that and requires you to purchase both items in order to get the discount price.  So usually with a BOGO price I would always just give the half price figure rather than refer to it as a Buy One Get one free deal.

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