There is so much controversy in the news. And controversy is exciting. But for today’s column, I’m going to stick to plain old-fashioned facts.

In this case, the truth hurts both parties.

I wrote about Trump’s remarkable household income numbers for middle class families a couple of weeks ago. But the story has gotten even better. I recently heard from my great buddy Steve Moore, former economic advisor to President Trump. Steve was over the top with enthusiasm. He’s just crunched the numbers. And the news is remarkable.

But these aren’t partisan stats from Trump, or the GOP, or me. These stats are direct from the U.S. government.

These numbers not only prove what a magnificent hero Trump is to middle-class Americans, they prove that both Bush and Obama were terrible failures. Which of course embarrasses the Bush and Obama families and all their supporters. These numbers destroy both the GOP and Democrat establishments. They both failed the great American middle class.

No wonder the establishment of both parties hates Trump. He’s made them all look like fools. He’s left them all in the dust. No wonder they want revenge.

Here are the more detailed numbers since I wrote the column a couple of weeks ago.

First let’s look at George W. Bush. From the start of Bush’s presidency in January 2001 to the end in January 2009, median household income rose from $60,906 to $61,308. That means the average middle class household income was up by a measly $402 over eight long years.

By the way, taken over 96 months, that’s an increase of $4.19 per month over Bush’s eight years. Don’t spend it all at once!

Obama was worse. Obama started in January of 2009 with a median household income of $61,308. The Obama era ended with an income of $60,973 in January of 2009. That’s a final number of NEGATIVE $335 per household for eight long years.

Taken over 96 months, that’s a loss of $3.49 per month over the entire Obama presidency.

This 16-year reign of Bush/Obama started with median middle-class incomes at $60,906 and ended at $60,973. Average middle-class household incomes rose $67 over 16 years.

Can you imagine your income rising by only $67 over almost two decades of your career? You don’t have to imagine. It happened. Bush and Obama were dramatic failures.

Trump proves it. From January 2017 to today- a period of only 2 ½ years under President Trump- median household incomes for middle class Americans rose from $60,973 to $65,976.

That’s a $5000 rise in only 30 months under Trump!

Trump famously promised to make America and middle-class Americans great again. After 16 years of misery and malaise, Trump did it. The numbers prove it. He put the failed ideas of both parties to shame.

The average household saw their incomes grow by $67 over the 16 years of Bush and Obama versus $5000 over 30 months under Trump.

I’m not an intellectual. I’m just a common sense S.O.B. (son of a butcher). So, I think I’ll just say…


No wonder both Democrats and the GOP establishment despise Trump. No wonder Democrats want impeachment in the headlines, not the Trump economic miracle.

If the economy is the topic, Trump wins going away in 2020.

It's All Over Now, Take What You Think Is Necessary

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Republicans love their whackadoodle conspiracy theorists.


Said the hypocrite liberal D'rat that just witnessed the last eleven years
of the largest, treasonous, militarily attempted takeover of this Country.
It was all DNC accompanied BY foreign agents, the previous president, 
CIA, FBI, MSM, other presidential candidates and leaders of foreign
nations. Social Media also in a big way.
This isn't a conspiracy of the Republican side, it's still being carried out
by the DNC and above listed treasonous parties. 
The death threats toward D. Trump also still continues from start to date.
The Dims love anything anti America.

Did we forget the recession?

Household Income — Household income rose briskly under Trump.

The Census Bureau’s measure of median household income reached $63,179, an increase of $1,400 from 2016 after adjusting for inflation.

In percentage terms, the increase during Trump’s first two years is 2.3%. (The median figure represents the midpoint — half of all households earned more, half less.)

The official figure is the highest ever recorded, exceeding previous records set in 2016 and 2017. But Census officials said those recent “records” are all due in part to a change in the survey questions in 2014. Starting then, the annual survey has picked up some sources of income that were previously missed.

Adjusting for that factor, and also for a change in the way Census processed data starting this year, Census officials published “estimated adjusted” figures showing what median household income would have been for past years, had the current questionnaire and processing procedures been in place. On that basis the latest figure is just a few dollars less than it was in 1999 — $63,231.


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