“Liberals/Socialists/Marxists Fear the Truth More than Anything Else”


Last night on Newsmax TV Wayne Allyn Root praised President Donald Trump as “the greatest president for Jews in the history of the world.”

Of course, the liberal media focused on Root’s words saying the people of Israel love him like “he’s the king of the Israel.”


And #KingoftheJews started trending today on Twitter as progressives and Marxist Democrats last their minds.

Tonight Wayne Allyn Root sent The Gateway Pundit his response to the President’s kind words.

Thank you President Trump. I merely stated the obvious. That’s precisely why liberals and liberal media are so enraged and hysterical. They hate the truth. The truth scares them to death. They can say all day long that Trump is “racist, KKK, Hitler, ****, white supremest.” But let one conservative Jew tell the truth and expose the liberal media industrial complex of fake news, lies and slander, and “oh the outrage!”

I give as good as I get, so bring it on.

The truth has finally been exposed by a Columbia University-educated Jewish Republican with a national media platform and millions of followers with my Newsmax TV show, USA Radio show and nationally-syndicated newspaper columns and it scares them.

Many of my Jewish friends are lifelong Democrats and they’ve confided in me they are voting for Trump in 2020. But they all WHISPER. They’re afraid of losing friends, or their job. That’s the insanity of the left on display. That’s the real hate speech, censorship, banning and book burning. The left must stop the truth at all costs before it starts a revolution.

I told the truth. I love Israel. Trump loves Israel. Israelis love Trump. Those are 3 facts. How can that cause a firestorm? Because liberals/socialists/Marxists fear the truth more than anything else.

P.S. I wrote for Fox News 4 days after Trump’s election in November of 2016 that we’d just elected our first Jewish President. I was right. Donald Trump has gone out and done everything I ever predicted- and then some! My crystal ball was perfect. Read my predictions. They all happened.


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