Well, Now We Know Tennessee is Dirty.

A Tennessee player's embarrassing flop got a Florida player thrown out of the game


Extremely lame, but clearly effective.



Officials ejected Florida receiver Brandon Powell from the Gators' game against Tennessee on Saturday, with the referee announcing that Powell had punched someone. It turns out that Powell (wearing No. 4 in white) did no such thing.

Tennessee's Rashaan Gaulden (No. 7) put on literally an Oscars-worthy show here. Powell put his hand to Gaulden's face, but either Gaulden was bowled over by a very specific, targeted gust of wind, or he took everyone for a ride here. Give him some credit, I guess, for spinning himself around so thoroughly. That's some next-level martial arts stuff right there.

Florida blew a 21-3 lead and his now being run out of Neyland Stadium. This "punch" is the least of the Gators' problems, all things considered, but it's still a pretty terrible stroke of college football officiating. Jim McElwain and his program have a right to be angry about it, and they definitely will be.

(Also: blimp cameras are great.)

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jtdavis posted:

It used to be "big orange", now it's "old gray"

An decision obviously approved by the alumina rather than  the forces of political correctness that forced the school to surrender their mascots and other emblems of their institution.


Bestworking posted:

What will happen to Rashaan Gaulden?

Apparently nothing. It was a wild night last night, with good outcomes, but wth Bama? We could discuss the dirty and maybe dangerous act from Arkansas, but that might upset the sensibilities of the ones that seem to think all's fair if they can get away with it.

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