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I saw Dan Satterfield last night. He promised not to leave the studio until the threat of destruction has passed today. The other weather people seemed to say that we might have a little thunder, but most of the severe weather will be to our south. What's the deal?

What do y'all think about the way weather is covered in this area?
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Originally posted by smurph:
"Dan is a drama queen to the highest."

When the National Oceanic and Atomospheric Administration for the first time ever, (and with the support of the American Meterological Society and the National Weather Association) issues their most stern warning to a weatherman because he's issuing his own brand of tornado/severe weather warnings, you know there's something wrong with that one.

Such is the case with Dan "I see rotation" Satterfield.

Remember... it's in the station's best interests to cry "WOLF!" (that goes for "news" too)

Here's why: the more viewers they can obtain and keep, the more they can charge for their advertising, thus, the more money they can make.

The overall quality of television news service in the Tennessee Valley is absolutely and unquestionably atrocious.

Remember the infamous (yes, that being famous for the wrong reasons - may be nefarious would be more accurate?) J.D. Byars? He still gives the "Shoals report" on WAFF, channel 48, an NBC affiliate.

Byars, on his station bio web page writes what he likes best about his job is that "I'm a very 'nosey' person. I love to be the first to break a story... and to be the first to know the details."

What he conveniently neglects to mention is tha he and the station were sued for slander resulting from his overly enthusiastic and careless chasing of a story involving a U of A football player mistakenly thought to be involved in a handgun-related offence in Sheffield.

The best local news I've ever seen remains on WGN.

They spend a full hour on local news. And, the videographers give a full view of the scenes from where they report. None of this close-up garbage where the viewer is left to their own imagination about exactly what is going on.

I was utterly aghast to hear and see Jerry Hayes on WHNT, channel 19, a CBS affiliate, blather on and on about the most inane story yesterday! It was about some silly "air guitar" tee shirt. He must've spent at least two or three minutes on that worthless piece.

And, in a 30-minute newscast (including commercials), three minutes is an eternity!
I had forgotten all about ole Dan, we used to make fun of him when I was at WVNA. "Tornado watch for Lauderdale county, should be quite a few fatalities there... Chance of snow for Colbert county, you guys are just f***ed" Big Grin

I don't remember his exact words, but I do remember him talking about possible fatalities during a tornado warning, of course nothing really happened.

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