The pages aren't scaled, e.g. they must be viewed full screen to be seen. Not good.

The look is much cleaner, the colors aren't as dark and it SEEMS better. The content... well, let's give it time.

So far, the photos aren't showing up in the forums, though several browsers have been used.

Why not let the forum members choose their own avatars?

The BOLD, italicize and other text variants aren't easily navigable. Why retype the word? A simple select and click ought to suffice.

Video isn't working.

And where's the front page view? It's hidden somewhere, apparently. Not readily seen means unseen. Unseen means unused.

How will the layout appear on WAP? Blazer or other browsers should render it similarly. Yes?

Need a preview function for posts.
I really like the look but it's now seems harder to navigate. I agree with others the obits need a link on the first page and we need to be able to read them insted of getting an error message. I couldn't read a single one today 11/22/06 How do I know if I need to go to work? I have to know if I'm still alive! Thanks

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