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Pakistan: Muslim rapes teenage Christian girl, rapist’s family threatens to kill victim’s family

The Muslim rapist’s family threatened to kill the victim’s family if they went to police, but they did anyway. Nonetheless, no arrests have been made. The police in Pakistan are Muslims who are not inclined to side with a Christian against a Muslim.

Where is the outcry from the UN? The international media? Do you think they would be as indifferent as they are if Christians and Hindus were raping Muslim girls and then threatening their families? Neither do I.

PCLJ Pak Center For Law And Justice will  provide them legal assistance.

I received this email from the Pak Center for Law and Justice:

Teenager Christian Girl Raped by Muslims

By Qaisar Loudhi, April 16, 2018:

14 year old Samiya who is the residential of Sharaqpur District Sheikhupura, she was allegedly raped by a Muslim person named Muhammad Shehryar son of Ashraf Jutt with the help of his 3 friends, ( Muhammad Mehboob son of M. Ameen. M Irfan son of M Pakhar Dean. Muhammad Ahmad ).

On 11 April 2018 she went out of the house for buying something where M Mehboob, M Irfan, M Ahmad took her forcibly in to the farm house of M. Mehboob`s father. Where Muhammad Shehryar raped her.

After long time when she did not came back then her Uncle Sharafat Masih and his brother searching her in the area when they reached near the farm house of Muhammad Mehboob father, they heard the scream of Samiya and went it into the farm house room where Muhammad Shehryar was raped her.

When Sharafat masih entered the room M.Shehryar started to abuse language and threatened him that he will kill him and his family to if he tell to the police.

After that they put application in police station Sharaqpur Shareef, and the F.I.R ( First Information Report ) has been lodged under section 166/18, offense 376 PPC Pakistan Penal Code.

But the police did not arrested the accuse persons yet and the families of accused persons kept threatened to the girls family that they will kill all the family members and burnt their houses.





The stupidity of liberals, ability to ignore their ignorance

and to Destroy what gives them freedom

Believe in something even if you should be shot for Treason


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If you guys are against rape and violence, then be against those things at all times.  Don't use religion as a crutch to justify your "outrage".  Neither one of you would know if the victims were Christian or Jewish if you saw them in real life.  You guys would probably wonder what they were doing in this country.  

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