..Keith Davis and WTRT-26 Flowrence at the Shooowwwlllsss.......That is how he pronounced it. They used to have (1988) some post high skrool football game show....It was terrible.
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Keith has some problems, but he is a sweet man who loves sports. He was on the fox station last year, giving updates.

I blame Jamie Cooper for making fun of him..the whole Swami thing was probably
Cooper's idea.
I worked with Keith Davis when I was at channel 15. Keith is a great guy and fun to work with. I hope all is well with him and wish him the best.

If Keith reads these forums, "Hey Steve!"
i don't know why keith davis was ever on television. he always sounded like a drunken lush and he wasn't funny at all.

i don't miss him.

...and Jamie Cooper is a jerk as well. he'd make a good used car salesman though.

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