What IF?

Anyone wonder what if these sore losing liberals was successful in turning enough of the Electoral College electors from Trump to Clinton?  It's interesting how Liberals and many Democrats are all for fairness until they lose then they want to circumvent everything in order to make things come out their way.  I doubt that they could turn enough electoral College electors but they sure are trying.  I, personally, don't think that people would stand for it but I wonder what would be done if that happened? 

As for me I'll be glad after the Electoral College confirms Trump as President because frankly I'm ready to stop hearing about the Clintons, at least for now.  I fully expect that their name though will come up over and over again as either Obama pardons her or Sessions prosecutes her.  Trump may have said he's not interested in prosecuting her but I haven't heard his new Attorney General's comments on the matter.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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Stanky posted:

And what if dems get their way with a constitutional amendment to change the election process:

7-Michael Ramirez-Creators.jpg


And the above is why it will never happen. What they will do is spread
their ragheads into other areas of the country to pickup more
fly over states. The best reason to get them the hell out of our
jtdavis posted:

After all the gerrymandering the republican party did after the last census, and y'all want to call the democrats bad sports.  I assume you are  gonna post about all the promises Trump made while campaigning and broke.

Dang, he hasn't even taken office yet.

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