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It's to each person's speculation as to whether or not North Korea could deliver such a blow to the United States but if our defensive weapons did not intercept an incoming attack and given North Korea's boasting the article listed above could give some unsettling thoughts.  I, for one, believe this nut over in North Korea is one that might just attempt such a thing if he thought for a moment he could succeed at doing so.  Many are so scared of Trump and feeling that he would get us into World War III but if North Korea is successful developing such weapons then I believe we should assume he would use them.  

The cat, so to say, is out of the bag because they have the technology whether it came from China or other nations or that we allowed them to develop it and I also have no doubt that if North Korea has it then Iran could very soon have it also.  

There is much that most citizens don't really know or have knowledge of and I believe that is a good thing.  Many wonder why a President ages so much in office and I think much of it has to do with the fact that he, as one of a few, know full well what threats exist in our world and just how fragile peace and life can be and knowing that a great deal of that rest upon their shoulders.  I would hope that our nation's leaders have put enough into defensive measures so that we could intercept an incoming attack but as I understand it from various reports there isn't a great confidence in many people's minds that we could intercept all incoming threats and that some would make it through if such an attack occured.  Given that I can only assume that the chances of a preemptive attack is much greater than at any time before and the real question then would be what would China and/or Russia do?    I feel at times that this sounds like the Chicken Little tale.  I just hope there are enough sound minds to prevent such an event.

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The presidents, since Clinton, have either ignored or enabled the Norks.  It's not just the nukes, but the biological weapons I would be concerned about.  I doubt that Russia would get involved.  Russia is weak and Putin knows it.  It's China I would be more concerned with.  Especially since the recent party congress increased his power and influence to rival Mao's.  

I totally agree with your assessment about the Presidents since Clinton and do believe with the "gifts" that we have given under the auspicates of feeding their poor and humanitarian reasons that we have enabled them to advance their weapons and obtain the very thing that has put us in this situation that Trump is in today.   Further withdrawal from confronting it or sticking our head in the sand isn't going to make it go away either and any negotiation or agreement would, by necessity, have to have real verification  and I never see the Norks doing that or agreeing to that without an iron fisted China doing it.   

I hate to say but it seems that conflict is inevitable unless China was to take deliberate covert action and remove this petty dictator from power and remove their nuclear capability while installing their own favorable government leader.  China doesn't want anything to do with a united or re-united Korea because of the South's relationship to the US so that is a problem as it exist today as they (China) don't seem intent on doing anything but waiting for an inevitable outcome to play out and risk direct conflict between our two nations.  Those who feel negotiation will work apparently have been wearing rose colored glasses too long because technically the North and South are still at war for no negotiation has brought an end of the declared war but rather just a cessation of military action against each other with the exception of the North sinking a ship or firing off some artillery on the South's territory from time to time.  

Time will tell but with three Aircraft Carrier Groups in the Pacific area it appears that we (the US) is positioning itself for a first strike situation or possibly a special team infiltration into North Korea with the mission to take out their leadership.  Unlike Obama I also don't think Trump would announce such a mission to the Russians or Chinese which would surely threaten it's chances of success.  I would say thought that our satellites and other means of intelligence are attempting to track the North's leadership and determine where they are at any certain time and I also have no doubt that we would have some of those special submarines in the area that carry Seal teams that could possibly be assigned to go for the North's leadership members.  As I said though time will tell but I do agree that this time is not a very tedious time to be alive in.    Unlike many though I am glad that it's Trump that is leading our nation at this time rather than Hillary Clinton for I doubt she would do anything but capitulate until North Korea did achieve the weapons it desires to strike the US with.

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