What's going on with the Muscle Shoals Logan's Roadhouse location?

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New is not always better, that's for sure.  In this case, it's alarming just how many 1-star reviews that people are giving Logan's Roadhouse in Muscle Shoals.  Here you have a newer restaurant and the Florence location, although not a great lot better, scored much better than the Shoals location.  I've noticed that someone from Logan's corporate has commented on each review but makes you wonder why this restaurant continues getting bottom of the barrel reviews and why Logan's hasn't done something about it yet.  

When I eat at Logan's I choose the Florence location and haven't been disappointed in what I've gotten there the last few times.   After reading all the reviews of the Muscle Shoals location it makes me want to avoid it like the plague.  I haven't seen so many negative, service, reviews since Las Trojas in the Florence Mall.  The only Muscle Shoals restaurant with worse reviews is Shoney's.

Regarding Shoney's restaurants, I wonder just how much longer they can stay in business because they are absolutely horrible.  Shoney's used to be a dining destination, of mine, years ago and I have had very good meals there but over the years they changed to mainly the buffet bar type service and from there, things continued in a downward spiral.    One thing you can count on with the Friday Fish buffet/bar and that is when you walk by the bar the fish smell will knock you down.  Shoney's has some really profound, possibly never can recover from, issues but Logan's should be able to get a handle on their issues and correct them.  The question is what's going on with the management at the Muscle Shoals location?

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reviews are a scary thing, some are real, some are fake.   Employees get mad at manager and pretend to be customer.   You have to read them carefully  and weed out the crazies.     Also some companies still automatically  give coupons and there are many that will take advantage of it... 

Logans used to be one of my favorite places and I have had good results at the Muscle Shoals location.

It has been close to a year since I have been to any Logans. After numerous attempts of request cinnamon without the brown sugar and varying explanations as to why such as they cannot take the sugar out of it to the kitchen manager can purchase it if they so desire. I have went back numerous times requesting it each time. The last time I asked, I told them This would be my last visit ad they acted like they didn't care so there you go.

I could bring my own cinnamon but the don't care attitude of the servers and managers repulsed me into this position. It is a shame they choose to loose such a loyal customer over  a simple request.

The main reason I quit going to the Muscle Shoals location was the deafening music. When I have asked management to turn the volume down management has reacted negatively.

The quality of product served in all Logans locations has taken a dive in the last couple of years. They are trying to run the chain on the cheap. Many servers have the attitude that somehow I am there for their benefit.

I don't know about the management at the Muscle Shoals restaurant but I do know that regarding the Florence restaurant they have several employees, servers, managers etc that have been there all along even, one server, up to 20 years if you can believe that.  I know that corporate management makes some decisions such as the extremely bad one to eliminate both the teriyaki chicken and steak dishes.  Again something simple but the move was disliked by many except the egg head manager in corporate who made a decision to eliminate a popular dish.  

I think if there is to be a success they need to maintain some consistency in employees and management and while there are still things about the Florence location that needs improvement their consistency in maintaining the same personnel over time may be why so many prefer the Florence location over the newer, more modern, Muscle Shoals location.

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