I saw today where Oguirre's in Muscle Shoals has closed permanently and is out of business.  Their store is up for sale.  I don't know how long they have been out of business but I do know they were one of the best butchers around.  There also used to be a Butcher shop out at Elgin and even in Florence but as of now I don't know where any butcher shop is located or at least a dedicated butcher shop.

Does anyone know if there are any good butcher shops anymore and if so where are they located?   Thanks!

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The butchers are in the grocery stores for the most part. Just wondering, what's the advantage if they are in a building alone? Just me, but I'd think the freshest meats, and more varieties would be in the grocery stores. A kosher meat section would be nice. More kosher foods of all types would be even better.

I think there is one in the Central area goes by the name of Cox. Pete's in Loretto is still in business. There is a great number of shops that are seasonal and process mainly deer.

 For the most part they all get at least some of their for sale meat from a distributer whereas the meat comes from somewhere else.

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Just like everything else Meat production has gotten industrialized and is done in mass production at large corporate owned factories.


Oguirre's in Muscle Shoals lasted quite a few years as a mom & pop operation, by providing good service with excellent fresh products. I would think they could no longer compete with the much larger low cost producers in the meat business that sell to the grocery stores. 

I noticed this week an ad for Food Land who advertised Whole Beef Tenderloin "Choice" for $9.99 lb. Too Good to be True?  When I actually went to the FL to buy the whole tenderloin, I noticed the package was Labeled as "Select". I ask the meat dept. employee's where is the meat they had on sale for $9.99 lb. and he pointed to the Select tenderloins. I brought it to his attention that was not "Choice" as advertised. His answer was must have been a publishing error in the paper. The tenderloins were prepackaged by Excel meat company (Cargill subsidiary) and labeled & graded "USDA - Select", just look for the Shield on the Pre-Package from the supplier. So for quality meat I try to buy Choice Grade cuts of beef, but usually end up settling for Select Grade Beef, due to cost differences. Select is usually always more chewier than Choice graded beef. Choice TDLoins I cut with a fork, Select I cut with a knife, but is still more tender than the top cap muscle on a Top Sirloin, which is also very tender grilled. I cooked the Select TDLoins last night and they were VERY GOOD!! Almost would cut with a fork even being 1.5" thick raw before cooked. Well worth the $9.99 lb for Select Grade. I typically cook beef to Internal Temperature of 140-145 deg. and take off grill, let set 3-5 minutes.(Med.toMed.Rare warm center w/ red juice) and my wife prefers  "Rare" 135- 139 deg., cool center and lots of Red juice.

I don't believe in ruining good whole muscle Beef tenderloin by overcooking..and a good butcher would tell you as well, when buying upper grade meats. But to each...his own...preference...


I would venture a guess that the ad read what it did because those who submitted the ad, themselves, didn't know the difference between the meats.  Thanks for the answers, regarding the butchers, and I also have heard that the butchers at Big Star Grocery on Cloverdale rd are some of the best in the area.

As for meat I've actually found some fairly good meat at Sam's Club but most is in bulk so you have to buy so much and it's usually more than I need but it's pretty good quality.  Publix also has some good selections and you can ask their meat department employees to cut you what you want but I don't know if they are technically butchers or not.


The butchers are in the grocery stores for the most part. - Gifted

Yep.  And for all the understandable reasons stated.  But some also run seasonal independent side businesses processing wild game - like this time of year.  Plus, around here, nothing for someone to raise / buy a cow or pig and have it processed or do it themselves.


The one in Elgin was a branch of Pete's Meats; the main plant remains just across the state line from Lexington. Advantage of private butchers? They process for individual hunters. At one time there were stories of Pete's selling some of the deer meat, but when I inquired if any were for sale, they adamantly stated they could not legally sell it.

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