What's with Dairy Queen, now a third Shoals location?

In front of the old Guthries Chicken building that also housed "Fatboys Restaurant", the one adjacent to the new Bank independent on Florence Blvd and across from Five Guys and Blue Coast Burrito there is a sign announcing that Dairy Queen is coming to that location.

I don't know if they will tear down the existing building or extensively renovate it but looks like a third Shoals Dairy Queen location coming in addition to the one that is in the old Back Yard burgers building downtown and the new location they just opened, this last week, over in Muscle Shoals on Avalon.  I remember for a while Dairy Queen vacated the Shoals area and it was questionable if they would return and now they not only have returned but are returning with a vengeance with three new locations.

I like Dairy Queen and I'm glad they have returned to the Shoals.  I wonder though if this new location along with the new one in Muscle Shoals will severely hurt the business of the one Downtown?  Maybe it won't affect it too much but the newest location, along Florence Blvd is much better, in my opinion.  I've also heard others mention that they would be putting a location out on Cloverdale Road near the new WalMart but I've seen no evidence of that happening.  They are constructing  a new, large, carwash beside the old Fred's Building which also housed Yazoo Hardware which is also going out of business.

At least this is good news for all of us who love our Blizzards, we'll have two additional locations to get them at.

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Are they going to offer 1/2 price shakes after 8:00 pm like Sonic?  It's doubtful--given the extremely high cost of the new building format they require all their franchise owners to follow.

Their ice cream is just simply too expensive.  And I've found the service at the downtown Florence location to be less than good.

Back in the Day, Dairy Queen was a favorite treat, especially the Banana Splits & chocolate dip ice cream cones!!

Today Dairy Queen is just another fast food joint or it reminds me of such. I can't see myself making a special trip, essentially to eat at DQ. The last Burgers I had, with all the fixings, were way over cooked (180-210 deg f) Staling Crumbling Buns and absolutely nothing Special. Eating at other DQ's in other towns, they also were So So as well.. I would have to get more accustomed to their updated menu & other food items to perform a proper review, but the way I remembered it, the food selection was Old and Out Dated.. Nothing special to spark your taste buds, except for the Dairy selection. 

Sorry, GBRK, I've not missed DQ for the past 15 years or more and I would not be an excited customer visiting DQ, unless it's for Ice Cream products, or a special low priced, to die for, speciality food.. for starters to get me back as a customer.

The wife and I met our daughter and grandkids at the new Muscle Shoals location tonight and it's a nice store but other than that I thought the food tasted better than that which we got at the downtown location.  It was hotter in temperature, when it arrived at our table, and was very tasty.  Our last meal downtown wasn't as good.

One more mention.  Last night (Monday) was the last night of the 1/2 price ice cream cakes but from tonight (Tuesday) until Monday of next week whoever buys an ice cream cake at their regular price will get a coupon or card allowing them two free combo meals per month for the next year.  That's not too bad a deal.  I'm not clear though if the offer only applies at the Muscle Shoals store or applies at all Florence locations, including the new one in Florence when it opens.

What also couldn't be answered, at least by employees there, was whether they would attempt to use the same building that exist now, where Guthries started out, or if they are going to demolish the  existing building and start over.  My wife made a good point when she said everything that's gone into that building fails and often people are better off just tearing down a building that people associate with failure and starting over with a new building. 

I noticed that.  Guess they are going to renovate the existing building and use it.  Makes you wonder if they purchased the property and building or are just leasing it? 

I  know many times that when restaurants fail, multiple times, in a location that a new restaurant moving in will just tear down the existing building and start over again.  We'll see if Dairy Queen can make it in a renovated building at that location.

Looks like they are keeping the shell of the old Guthries Chicken building but they have completely gutted the interior of it and removed most of the facade of the building to prepare to convert it to a building that fits the new Dairy Queen motif.  

At least maybe someone now will finally make it in that location where the others have failed.  I just hope they can keep their quality up.   I saw where Legend's steakhouse had two failing scores back to back so some restaurants are having their share of problems.

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