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jfk tax cut

Per Obama’s OMB, in constant 2005, dollars, the Bush tax cut resulted in $4.6 trillion more in revenue, than the previous 8 years under Clinton.  The Reagan tax cuts yielded $2.94 trillion more in revenue, than the previous 8 years.  The tax cuts requested by JFK, but passed by LBJ in 1964 yielded $522.2 billion more than the preceding 8 years.














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It's too bad Ol'bama didn't see the light in 2009 or Bush in 2001 and push a pro-growth pro-business tax system to counter the send-the-smokestacks to China policy of the Clinton administration. The biggest impediment to growth that I see now is that consumer debt might be a little high because wages didn't go up much in the last decade but cars wore out, homes needed maintenance, and emergencies happened. If factories return, over time with the higher wages from manufacturing jobs versus service sector jobs should improve things.


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