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Teacher Reveals Simple Reading Trick That Will Put The Education System Out of Business & Have Your Child Skipping Grades

Jane is campaigning for schools across the world to start teaching this trick in schools"

viral video created by an English Teacher has caused uproar across the American Education system - with some parents taking their children out of education.

Janes story has hit the headlines all over the world this week after she shared a video she found online. The video created by an English Teacher reveals a simple reading trick that the education system don't want parents to know. The simple reading trick can cut your childs learning time by 90% and have them skipping grades.

When you hear how easily Jane managed to get her 3 year old child to read and so quickly you will be shocked.  But it's not just Jane, since sharing the video thousands of other parents have been sharing amazing videos of their children becoming expert readers within days...

Jane has been sharing the reading trick with all of her friends

Jane, like most mothers was struggling to get her children to read but that's all changed  and that's all thanks to the simple 15 minute reading trick she discovered online.

Jane said "I was killing sometime online, when I discovered a viral video from an English Teacher. The video explained how a simple 15 minute daily method could get any child to start reading above their grade. The video said the reading method works best on children ages 2- 14. I wasn't sure if it would work on my baby at first but with nothing to lose... I followed the instructions. All I had to do was spend just 15 minutes per day following the method and that was it. Jacob my baby starting reading big words almost immediately I have since shared this video with my friends and they are shocked at how fast their "struggling" children are starting to read.

If you want to get your child to read quicker and save money on education, you can watch the full free video >here<.

In the short video English Teacher, Sarah Shepard shares the secret to a 15 minute reading secret that has helped her and hundreds of moms, get their children reading.

Watch Teacher Sarah's Reading Method Video Here

"If you're struggling to get your child to read or they just have zero interest - it's very easy to fix" says English Teacher Sarah Shepard.

According to Mrs Shepard — who has been an English Teacher for 14 years — "There is a method which has been 99% effective at getting even the most reluctant children to read.

"But unfortunately the school board has been hiding this for years"

Fortunately, by sharing a simple "secret 15 minutes reading trick" online , Shepard has seen thousands of kids, as young as 18 months learn to read. With some even reverse there dyslexia.*

"It's easy. You just need to follow the 15 minute reading trick, every day," she said.

For the first time ever, Mrs. Shepard has created a short video where she explains everything about the "secret reading method". It shows how people can easily do it, with their kids, right from home.

The video is presented below by Mrs Shepard, free and uninterrupted.

So far, the reviews have been stunning, with viewers saying their childs reading drastically improved in a matter of days*


Jessica shared her results online, after following Sarah's Methods
Karen was amazed by her daughters advanced reading
Karen said "my kids have swapped the iPad for books and I cannot believe it"

Want to know the secret? You can watch English Teacher Sarah Shepard's Short Video Here [Watch]

Click to watch the video (opens in new tab)

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During the last grading period, all across this country, teachers were ORDERED to pass Special Ed students, EVEN IF THEY SUBMITTED NO WORK. Keep in mind, by the time public schools 'reopened' in early April, MOST academic instruction had switched to a digital format with most students GIVEN a system-provided Chromebook. No such allowances were made, or even suggested, for regular students. Fair? 

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