In several surveys which I've participated, the question "do you consider yourself a member of the 'investor class'" was asked.

So, curious about exactly what type information was being sought, I considered what possible preparations others might make for their fiscal future.

Given that our overall national savings rate is at an all-time low, it struck me as odd that an apparent dichotomy of fiscal wastefulness in federal government contrasted with the increase in information of financial vehicles and the recent government OK'd merger of banks, insurance companies and investment houses.

How have you invested in your financial future?

Are you participating in a company-provided 401(k) plan? Or, are you heavily invested in mutual funds, bonds or debentures?

Do you own real estate as a land lord, or are you holding property as a speculation? Do you own timber interests or farm land from which you receive rental income?

How diversified are your investments?

What is your investment strategy, and to what extent do you consider yourself to have exposure to risk, or do you prefer more traditionally safe investments like T-bills and bonds?
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with the state this country is in I think we all would be better off to do what our great grandparents did,keep it in a jar buried in the back yard. When the crap hits the fan, ain't not a one of those stocks,bonds, etc gonna be worth the paper its written on.

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