I know what the report says but I don't know if the Pope actually said this.  I'm one who believes that Christians do no good with the divisions that exist and are highlighted by disagreements over various doctrines.  Where I draw the line is not with Doctrines but rather with DOGMA.  One of those matters of dogma that I do not believe is negotiable or even debatable is the deity of Christ and the recognition of Christ as God in the flesh.

If it is true that the Pope has made such a statement then I would hope that there would be enough objection from within the Catholic Church that the infallibility of the Pope doctrine would be reanalyzed and this current Pope would be asked to step down and if he didn't that measures could be taken to address it from within the Church, because for me, and most Catholic believers that I have known, the Deity of Christ is a non-negotiable issue.  


Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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It seems as if the Pope did say those things and other statements
that made me take a step back. Being Catholic myself I walk the road
of a child guided by the Bible and the Holy Trinity.

I'm not going to involve myself in what looks like Satan is on the loose.


I feel for the great majority of dedicated Christians like yourself caught up in this.  I have no doubt many of the Cardinals are tormented over it and the quandary it puts them in.  The path he seems to be on (the Pope) by extension is he denies Christ deity he is but a step away from calling Mary a illegitimate mother for her exceptional stand comes from being selected to be the mother of God so I’m wondering how secular he is going to lean?   


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