Where were the Tea Party in the Bush years?
Stop Legitimizing the Tea Partiers — They’re Just Pissed There’s a Democrat in the White House.

I’ve been trying to understand the Tea Party Movement. Sounds like a lot of angry people who want to get the government out of their lives and cut both taxes and the deficit. Nothing wrong with that — although one does wonder where they were in the Bush years. Never mind. I’m sure like all such protest movements the Tea Partiers will get their 10 to 20 percent of the vote. But should the Tea Partiers actually aspire to break out of that range, attract lots of young people and become something more than just entertainment for Fox News, I have a suggestion:

''Freedom of the press is not an end in itself but a means to the end of [achieving] a free society.”
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Yeah, thanks Nobama for that extra $13 I get on my check. It really makes a difference. NOT!!! If there's been a tax cut, I've not seen it. Maybe your thinking of I buy a new house or a hybrid car. Like I have that kind of money laying around so I can get a little tax cut.
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Yeah excel, what did you do with your $13 per week tax credit??????

He did not cut taxes, he delayed them.

Look at the tax tables for last year and this year. This year's taxes are lower.
Obama , as promised, lowered taxes. If you think otherwise it is because you believe the lies on FOX news and don't check facts.

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