Who else could have gotten away with this?



Remember Benghazi?  What it was?  An attack on an American embassy and the killing of an Ambassador yet questions that are still not answered. 

Where was Obama?  What was Obama doing?  When did Obama know about what happened and what did he do, what orders did he give?  Who gave the stand down order to troops ready to give support and come to help out those attacked and respond to the attackers? 

I actually heard on the radio that it was stated that when the Benghazi committee investigating the attack ask those questions to the White House and the Obama Administration they were told it was Executive Privilege and they refused to answer the questions.

REFUSED TO ANSWER .. Where the President was and what was he doing!

How can it be that this can happen and the Media not be all over it and asking the same questions, no not asking, demanding?  How can this be called Executive Privilege when we are talking about an attack on American assets where an ambassador was murdered along with three other Americans?

What would have happened if something like this had happened under either Bush (father or son)?  or Reagan or even Clinton? 

How can even Democrats stand by and allow this kind of answer to be given?  Why is their no blowback and a demand by Congress or the Media to get and obtain the answer?  Where is Congress?

This certainly is the most TRANSPARENT Administration in history.  You can see right through them.  They are ineffective, incompetent, evasive and deceiving.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )
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