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smorph: PLEASE don't give up! It is people like you who will bring a peace and the meaning of TRUE CHRISTIANITY or what ever spitituality to the world. You are but one small seed: I know it seems lonely here in Florence (THE SHOALS) Alabama; this is the whole WORLD that GOD in his or her spiritual wisdom created. There is hope: what you do for the least of these you do for me.
Where do some of you get this idea that churches don't give to the needy? It's quite apparent that some of you have NOT researched the subject, but feel justified in condemning them anyway. This is with NO facts to back up the condemnation. Look at church budgets for the year and see what the plans are for spending funds. Every dime my church takes up on Wednesday night goes to a benevolence fund, and that's doesn't include what we give to the Help Center and other charity organizations.
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We need the Faith section because it is a way of reporting what God is doing across the Shoals. There have been many exciting faith projects reported in the TD...We need it because it is one of the best communication vehicles available to Shoals residents. For some reason, we don't have a local TV. The
TD is about the only instrument we have. I admit that there is a listing under the Religious Calendar as to what pastors and churches are doing and who might be honored but that was only a small part of the Faith/Religious section.

Shouldn't have to report what God is doing. Should be visible in your everyday life. And you for sure shouldn't be serving God so that YOU can be honored. As far as your faith projects, buy advertising space....millions do it every day. Quit begging for free press and write a's the American Way!!!
There's a whole lotta' emotion and suggestion in this thread, that's for certain!

And amidst it all, I hear the voices of people whom I've known and now know.

Those voices of complaint about inequity, the voices of compassion about the hungry, their cries for justice, their seeking paths of righteousness for His name sake...

It's a veritable cornucopia for a modern-day Moses!

And what was that solution?

Jethro, whom was Moses' father-in-law, suggested to Moses that he was going to wear himself out by doing everything himself. In essence, Jethro told Moses to get some high-quality hired help, and set up a type of tiered judicial system associated with representative government.

Moses would be the 'supreme court' and the others would be the 'district, circuit' and 'appellate courts'.

So, Moses took Jethro's idea, and they all lived happily ever after.

Okay... so maybe they didn't live happily ever after! But it does say that "Moses bade his father-in-law farewell, and he went his way into his own land."

Close enough, eh?

The point is, that when everyone is working together for a common good, much can be accomplished. When everyone does their own thing, the going is hard as Hell! It'd kinda' be like your feet deciding they didn't want to take you where you wanted to go today. So, they held a sit-down protest.

Your derriere, accustomed to such, immediately got to work.

Then, the arms and hands, knowing their functions were absolutely necessary to maintaining the energy levels by assisting nutritional intake, were sympathetic and cooperated in the wheelchair, spinning the wheels to get the body where it wanted to go.

So, after a short time, the striking feet, finally recognizing they were defeated (bad, bad pun), decided to get back to work.

They learned that they too, were important to the body.
At that time in my life, the Religion section was a part of the Saturday paper that I always skipped. I really wasn't that focused on God or living "right" at the time. After Mre. Prince's death, for whatever reason, I did try to read a few of the guest columns. As I recall,they were so poorly written and filled with partisan rhetoric I can't blame the TD for scrapping the entire project.

If the churches would actively seek out those in need and find a way to help them, we would have a faith section. It would be the front page. It couldn't help but make the news, it happens so rarely. Another thing to consider, especially in light of my last statement, is that we are the church. That building is just a building. It can't help anyone, even itself. It needs caretakers too. No, we are the church. In that light it's our duty to address the needs of the people, not sit back and wait on someone else to make a decision. If more people would follow MADDOG's example, help the needy as you find them, we would resolve a lot of issues. Just take the money you would otherwise put in a collection plate on Sunday and offer it to the person in need. It might not be much but it will help. The only problem I can see is you might be ashamed for a stranger to see how little you actually contribute to God's work. Of course if that's the case, how do you think God feels about it?
In addition to the TimesDaily, I regularly read the Huntsville Times.

The HT is owned by Newhouse News, the same folks that publish Condé Nast Traveler and Bon Appétite.

Without commentary on the quality of the HT, they do have a regular Religion section, which has in days past, featured various religions, including a newly opened Hindu congregation, Jewish Temples & Synagogues, Greek Orthodox congregations, all in Madison county.

It's not an exclusively Christian section.

They also have a small people of faith feature whom are nominated by those in the community.

Their Religion & Faith column is authored by Doug Mendenhall, and his columns may be read online @

Bear in mind, I'm not commenting on Mendenhall's writing, it's to mention that the HT has a Religion section and Faith & Values columnist.
I felt like Maddog at one made me feel better about not going to matter about the long as I could convince myself that all those people were just "do-good hypocrites", I felt real good about laying in bed on Sunday morning....then my child came along...and I had to decide exactly how I felt about things...I am not a "religous" person, but I had to give my child a chance to decide for himself...I still don't go out and "pound the Bible" know where the church is....if you want to come you will always be welcomed...
By that, I mean go to church to worship God, to study God's Word together, to use your gifts and talents to minister to the Body of Christ, to fellowship, to lift each other up in prayer, to carry one another's burdens, to reach out to the lost or to the needy, etc.

Don't go to church to point out the speck in your brother's eye or he may point out the 2 by 4 in your's. Smiler <Luke 6:42>
You should have a newspaper with your TV station!

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Thanks to all of you who have responded. I agree with much of what you have said regarding the organized, institutional church BUT faith is an essential and vital element of any community. The community of faith invests millions of dollars in meeting human need and sending missionaries across the world. We have over 400 churches in the Shoals with tens of thousands of members. Their voices and the voice of their churches should be heard.
It's easy to blame the church, or "religous people"...I go to church..I am a Sunday School teacher, and an administrator...I DO NOT condemn you for your choices, so why do you demean me for mine? You will always be able to find something wrong with the church, if you're looking for it....we are human beings and we make mistakes...
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Smurph & themax...I checked out the sight and looked to see why they are trying to get an RV. It's to live in as they minister to and encourage pastors and church workers on the "back roads of America", which their 45 yrs in the ministry equips them to do. They have already been doing this in the Shoals area.

I know there are "tell them what their itching ears want to hear" churches that see church as a social event. However, there are plenty of churches that understand their responsibility to re - present Christ.

God is very much at work through Christians in this area.
We really need the Religious Section back with a big boast to giving everyone a chance to become a christian and really see all the aspect that God and Jesus have in store for all of us. Sometime when people get tired of people they assumed it's time to get rid of people, but if God hasn't authories it them leave it along, check out why you really feel the way you do and go to God in prayer for yourself and the person or persons you tried to offend. Work together to come together let there be no oppression when Jesus comes back to reclaims us. Let's keep Hope Alive, and the article of Religious Alive as well, The Church Salute you and so do I.
I know Jim Bevis, and can attest to his authenticity and honesty.

An integral part of their ministry involves extensive travel.

They don't live "high on the hog" and are conservatively frugal with their resources.

They are good stewards.

It takes money to travel, and they are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit orgnization, which must regularly make reports to the Internal Revenue Service for their accountability to the U.S. government, and they are accountable for their actions to others through their Board of Directors.

I have no doubt that they've done a Cost : Benefit analysis and have determined that a modest motor coach would be a more cost effective mode of transportation rather than renting cars, jet airplane flights, renting motels/hotels, eating out, etc. for every trip which they make.

In fact, just this past weekend at the Rocket City Marathon, we were in a very nice, extraordinarily well-cared-for and clean 2000 model motor coach that was priced @ $60k by Bankston Motor Homes.

Consider that dual occupancy rate at any reputable and clean hotel/motel will at least approximate $200 per night, and meals for two for each day would at least approximate $100, for a three-day event, that's $900, not including transportation. Add car rental expenses into the picture (at least $150 per day w unlimited mileage), then you're talking $1350 per trip. That's NOT including gasoline expense.

Now... how many times must one do that before it shows cost effectiveness to own a motor coach which operating expense would be much cheaper?

Answer: 44

That's assuming "average" or "moderate" prices.

Also figure out the hassle of trying to coordinate tickets, reservations, etc., and then it's very easy to understand that an on-the-road ministry can be not only overwhelming from a logistical perspective, it can be a nightmare from a cost containment one, as well!

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