Why are so many FBI, CIA and Obama holdovers involved not to mention
the cast of billionaires backing.
The last administration (TLA) stockpiled billions of ammo with a arsenal
large enough for an invasion of the country. A Democrat private army

being trained which might not be that large so, TLA goes to the entire

South American Countries and recruited as many as would cross our
boarder. MS13 had taken a sizable space here also and all were to be
armed and ready to fight.
Think Cuba, why the uncalled for and needless
violet reaction, why were these plans started in the early months of TLA.
Why the sa***uard planning to stop anyone who wasn't Hellary started
in TLA.


I'm not saying the liberal population is in on it, I will say they picked
up on the moves, words and examples of the attemped coup.
The above is just an outline of what I see, does this seem possible
or is there another reason for the out of character actions..
Their hate for the US Constitution is enough for me to go to war if
needed. They want to do away with all laws and rule from their
capital with boot on the ground.


Original Post
What we need are separate restaurants, movies, fast food
(white) workers, English speaking Americans only call centers--
Conservative educators from pre K thru end of education,, liberals
should have all liberal schools... There's more but this is a good


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