Why "Tea Parties" will never succeed...

They will succeed if we impose TERM LIMITS on Congress whom happen to have the lowest approval rating and skill almost like a possum in your headlights. Dimocrats have to be some of the stupidest people I will ever know when it comes to spending our money! Obama will add another 4 trillion dollars to the American credit card bill in four years.
Originally posted by beternU:
All they are saying is that we should respect "ARE" country and stop taking money from "WROKING" people.

I wisht they wood learned to use the english langwidge correct, dont yew?

Just goes to show that all the hard working Americans aren't masters at the English language like you are better. Does that make them any less American than you? Does that make their message wrong? Does it make you feel better to poke fun at them?
If Fox News and Sarah was paying for those signs, don't you think they would be form printed and perfect?

Just shows ordinary people who get in a hurry making a sign. I have seen several at businesses spelled wrong.

The really scary part is the 43% independent that the dems need in November. Too bad they won't get it.

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