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Why We Must Have Impeachment

By Dave Lindorff

When impeachment hearings began for President Richard Nixon, a scant one in four Americans thought he should be impeached. During the Clinton impeachment farce, support for the president"s removal from office never topped 36 percent. Yet a Newsweek poll taken last fall found that a remarkable 51 percent of the American public felt this president should face impeachment .

This link was specifically chosen to throw red meat in front of the hydrophobic dogs.
"The Bush Administration is employing private armies to fight in Iraq. These "private military contractors," that is, mercenaries, are often ex-U.S. special forces soldiers with additional paramilitary training operating below the radar. Their legal status in Iraq falls under neither civilian nor military jurisdiction, and they earn far more money than American troops." Buzz Flash, and more, "The problem of out of control contractors has become such a problem that U.S. Rep. David Price (D-NC) has introduced legislation to bring transparency and accountability to private contractors, and subjects them to oversight in civilian courts. "The lack of a legal framework for battlefield contracting has allowed certain rogue contractor employees to perpetrate heinous criminal acts without the threat of prosecution," Price said." and more, "With tens of thousands of completely unregulated American mercenaries at his disposal, George Bush commands a considerably larger military presence in Iraq than most people realize. It is important to remember that each of these people are American citizens - at least one of the recent helicopter casualties was fresh out of the Marines. However, there are serious problems with subcontracting national defense to private corporations under secretive conditions with no oversight." Well most are American Citizens, but two of the first Contractors Killed were Former South African Apartheid Government Security Police.
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I think you missed the point.

There was a point? Seriously, didn't miss the point. Spinning is the job of speechwriters. I just view the argument as a moot point. As for American politicians they all have their own personal agenda and it has very little to do with the good of the whole. My point in previous posts is that occasionally some good is done, but it is so far overshadowed by the negative because that is all people choose to see. Anyone in the office is in a no win situation.

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