Will Florence Mall survive?

As a follow-up to this topic I thought I would post this after picking up my granddaughter tonight at the Mall.   This is the first time that I've been to the mall in a few months and it was to pick up my granddaughter rather than making a shopping trip for myself or family.  Walking around, in the mall, I had noticed a few things.  For one it was very noticeable that there was ample space for new stores as so many have left the mall and their store front spaces have been walled over.  The biggest loss to date being Sear's Roebuck, I know that the mall, and many workers, are just as concerned over the rumors and speculation that JC Penney will be next.  

I'm wondering if the loss of Sears along with many of the other stores in conjunction with the recent renovations has created a situation where the mall owners have raised the rent/lease payments of existing stores that have remained in the mall?  If that's the case it may be that they are contributing to their own slow demise as I don't know just how much growth there is in the Mall these days.  There is the new Mexican restaurant this will add to the Malls attractiveness and be a draw for more new customers, but depending on how good the restaurant is that can fade fast.  

I also wonder about the speculation surrounding Best Buy leaving the Target center across the street.  It was rumored that Best Buy only left due to a large increase, by the owner, in their lease/rent payment because the Best Buy store was doing well, in comparison with other stores.   I doubt that in one way because I would think it that was the case Best Buy would have only sought out other accommodations in the area and that they did not do.   I also heard that the owner had already lined up Burlington Coat Factory store to come in where Best Buy was but that too appears to be wrong or the agreement fell though.  If though the rumor about raising the rent was correct then the center's owner or managers really messed up because I doubt they will find anyone to come in to that store at the rate that Best Buy was paying them all along much less the extra that they wanted (if that was true).  Guess Best Buy corporate and the center's owners will be the only ones that really know.

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I can get most of what I need in Killen without driving to the mall. I'm sure many folks feel that way. 

As for Best Buy, a few year ago I was looking for a certain item. Best Buy had the best price, but didn't carry it in their Florence store. They told me I could order it online and pick it up there. When I went online, I saw that I could have it shipped to my home at no extra cost. That's exactly what I did. So I wasn't tempted to purchase anything else in the actual store.

Here's what Best Buy said earlier this year: http://www.al.com/business/ind...se_alabama_stor.html

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I recently was at the mall on a weekday and surprised at the number of people there.

Surprised in a good kind or way or a bad kind of way?


Surprised that there were so many there.

 I drove by there yesterday(black Friday) and the parking lot was packed. People were having to walk long distances to get inside.

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