Obama was elected by an unusually high wave of young first time voters, which are typically more liberal than conservative. I welcome those voters to return to the polls again. Probably have a few more scars and wounds since they last voted, but then again, maybe they voted last November, as well.
Originally posted by Winston Niles Rumfoord:
I don't know whether it's ignorance, or dependence, or both, but that's what put his incompetent azz in office in the first place.

But he is either willfully destroying our economy, or is incredibly stupid. I believe the former, and that he is following the Cloward-Piven strategy.

Obama has deferred the economy to the Bernanke. Between Geitner and Bernanke, Obama is hoping they do it right. They are not, at some time it will blow up. Yopu cannot hyperinflate your way out of a recession.
We seem to be following an economic policy that is a cross between Trickle down and Keynesian. That means spend like crazy while cutting taxes. That is the fast track to bankruptcy.

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