Wimps -- Navy, or Young People?

Today's TD had an article that states the Navy will require potential recruits must pass a required run before being accepted for boot camp.  Its 1.5 miles in 16 minutes for men and 18 minutes for women.  I'm 70 and can pass the men's test.  Are today's young folks truly that out of shape, or does the Navy just need wimps. Basic training in the Army was always harder.  Although, the Marine DI's were tough. 


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Some major stuff has gone wrong with much of the military that
all started with the previous WH illegals, that and the fact the
number of normal people capable of military life has dwindled   
down to a few misfits. This nation has been crippled more than
people realize.

so what happen with ERA?   15 for men, 18 for women?   different requirements for the same job, how is that equal?  However ever liberal  cries how women don't get a fair chance.  we have the same slants for police jobs.  and I believe for the fire dept.  

Well Dire, you could still join the Army too, since they now allow in people with histories of mental illness.  (Just joking!)

Yeah, its a symptom of our society and this has been going on for the past decade.  Its not a political issue like some would like to make it but a societal issue.  Teens spend much of their down time playing video games and on the internet and social media.  Earlier generations spent their down time outside playing baseball, football or basketball (I know I did.)  So, many of today's teens are not as physically fit as previous generations.

That being said, it appears to me that the Navy has taken a proactive step to ensure new recruits are healthy enough and physically able to begin basic training, where they will be required to PT six days a week.  Sure, the Navy's physical training requirements are not has demanding as the Army's or the Marine Corps', but the great majority of the Navy's mission is different from that of the Army and Marine Corps. 

The Navy (and the Army, Marine Corps and Air Force) needs tech geeks and computer nerds.  Almost all shipboard systems are computer controlled these days.  Joe Bilge-Rat down in the engine room probably has enough education for an Associates Degree in electronics or computer control systems.  Sparky the Radioman is now Sparky the Mass Communications Specialist, probably with enough education for a Bachelors degree in computer information systems and networks. 

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