Just curious for the Ones that love chicken wings I wonder where you think the Best wings in the Shoals are?  I've had Buffalo Wild Wings and Hooter's' which isn't in this area but are decent, at times.  Then there are traditional bone in wings and boneless so the question is open to all varieties-. 

I know some will say the best ones are made and served at home but for those of us who eat out a lot whose got the best around this area and why do you think they are the best?


Thanks in advance.

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I like to order plain non breaded from Publix deli. I don't care for their spice so I use my own sauce but the wings are so good I usually eat about half with no sauce. It only takes them about 20 minutes so I wait until I am ready to leave before I order so they will be hot.

Wow, thanks so much for that recommendation as I would have never thought of Publix. I'll be sure to put that one on my list cause I love Publix quality. 

I really should have gone into more detail for you. They only have dry spice wings and that may not be what you are looking for. You can order breaded or non breaded, plain or spicy. Keep in mind that the breaded are double breaded unless you specify single breaded. My brother likes their spice but I don't. I have that new Franks dry spice that you just sprinkle on and the Buffalo Wild Wings dry spice that I prefer so I order plain. If I want a wet sauce I use Beef O Brady's Buffalo Sauce that I also buy at Publix. The wings are always still hot and crisp so my own sauce or spice sticks to the wings. They usually have some already made in a box of 20 in the deli but I prefer to order mine. I hope that clarifies things a little.

I forgot to say you are welcome. Also, I would like to thank you and everybody that posts here about food. I am always checking this forum when a new place opens to see the reviews. I actually saw your post about the wings because I came here to check if anyone had posted about the new chicken salad place that has opened. Thanks again.

Another place in town that I found pretty tasty wings was actually 306 BBQ downtown and on Mondays and Wednesdays they have them on sale for $0.55 each.

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