Doesn't matter to anyone else so why should it matter to me. She killed him, she injured a bystander, she took out her phone and taped him dying, then she got in her car and drove away. Yep, just like any ordinary person would do that had just been terrified enough to shoot someone in self defense.

I watched the video, and before she shot him, he slapped her in the face.  Witnesses said he was acting crazy.  He apprached her while she was pumping gas and started on her.  If my wife or daughter was in that situation I would hope someone would either come to their aid or they could get a shot off.  That guy was crazy.

Funny how different people can come to different conclusions. I guess I base a lot on what I would do. It's a busy place with people around, and she wasn't cornered and he wasn't "on her". I'd go inside, run away, drive away, call 911 on my cell phone. I certainly wouldn't tape him as he lay dying, then just get in my car and drive away as if nothing had happened.

Oh, i wasn't trying to excuse her behavior AFTER she shot him, but from the video before the gunfight broke out, he did attack her.  Got what he deserved IMO.  If you are gonna slap a woman holding a rifle, you should expect to get shot, in Texas for sure, simple as that.

Originally Posted by Bestworking:

Read one report from yesterday, they're going over the tape, she still might be charged, but most likely there won't be anymore reported about it even if she is.

Also won't hear about the 13 year old that was raped by 12 illegal aliens.  Her skin was brown so if Obama had a 3rd daughter it wouldn't have looks like her.

Originally Posted by Seven:

Makes you wonder why some cases like this get major publicity and are totally run into the ground in the media while others that happen every day are just overlooked and nobody cares. 


I dunno. Do any of you? 

The blacks don't want to take the focus off the Hispanic that killed a black guy

in self defense so they can keep blaming white people which will open

the door for burning, looting, robbing, mugging and killing white people.

So there you go..........


Turned out to do it again, but it's black on black so sharpton, obama, jackson and their ilk aren't interested. Some will also claim that serial killers are never black.





The identification of the third victim as well as the cause of death of all three victims may take "a couple of days" due to the severe decomposition of the bodies, according to Gilson.

An arrest was made in the case on Friday. Michael Madison, 35, faces three counts each of kidnapping and aggravated murder, a crime that carries a maximum penalty of death. He is being held on $6 million bond. No hearings have been scheduled in the case.

According to court records, he is a registered sex offender who pleaded guilty to attempted rape in 2002.

Madison was arrested at his mother's home, hours after the first body was discovered.

The bodies, two of which were found by trained cadaver-smelling dogs, were located in a garage, the basement of a building and in a weeded lot around the building where Madison lived.

During a police interview, Madison mentioned the name of Cleveland serial killer, Anthony Sowell, who was convicted of murder in the deaths of 11 women, according to Norton. Their bodies were found wrapped in garbage bags in and around his home in 2009.

"These people that are victims have stories, they have lives and they have loved ones," Norton said.


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