Wounded soldier: Trudeau guilty of treason

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A Special Forces soldier who was blinded in an attack by an Al Qaeda terrorist slammed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s agreement to pay $8 million to the terrorist who wounded him.

Layne Morris was wounded and another soldier was killed when Omar Khadr, then 15 years old, threw a grenade at them. Khadr was arrested and imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay prison. In 2010 he pleaded guilty to murder, attempted murder, providing material support for terrorism, spying, and conspiracy, under the condition that his imprisonment be in Canada.

In 2015 Khadr appealed his conviction and stated that his admission of guilt was made under duress. He sued the Canadian government for allegedly using illegal methods and abuse to obtain intelligence from him and to extract his confession. His lawyers sought $20 million in compensation.

Last week, Prime Minister Trudeau announced that the government had reached an agreement with Khadr’s lawyers in which he would be given $8 million and receive a formal apology from the Canadian government.

Morris, who was blinded in one eye in the attack, said that he was blindsided by the deal.





The stupidity of liberals, ability to ignore their ignorance


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I read this. I wish ONE slop would explain the love affair the left has with the muzzies, but they won't, and so I go with what I think the reasons could be. Slops are not bright, they actually think the muzzies are going to give them stuff for their help with the muzzie invasion, and that the muzzies will clear out all the people the slops don't like, which, like the muzzies, is almost everybody.

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