There are many on here who felt that our former member, Bill Grey, would want to end the forum once they banned him from it but by adopting this new forum software the Times Daily has almost in effect done the same thing.  I'm about done with it myself.  There ceases to be a reason to read and attempt to respond to most post these days as due to the software any replies are lost in a forever loop or failure to actually make it to the forum.

I don't know how long Times Daily is going to tolerate or experiment with this new software but could be they are going to wait till enough users give up and leave on their own.  Interesting that there is NO Comment from the mods or anyone at Times Daily to even acknowledge that there is a problem at all. 

It appears that they are taking the exact same approach to the forum problems as Obama does to Radical Islam.   Just ignore it and assume it doesn't exist or never acknowledge that it exist and maybe it will go away on it's own.

Is there anyone that can really shed light on this problem?  Is there anyone, with Times Daily, that can offer up some guess as to when this forum catastrophe will be over?  

Will the last person out please turn out the lights! 


Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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